My pregnant girlfriend

My girlfriend and I are expecting our first baby, which by itself, is amazing to me as I am in my late fifties and Marie is almost thirty years younger than I am. We are both extremely excited about raising a family together and I try to help make her pregnancy go as comfortable as I can. I never expected that just trying to be a considerate partner would lead to such incredible benefits.

Once Marie started to show, I made a point of coming home every night and taking over anything around the house that needed to be done and insisted that she get off her feet and relax. After I got all chores taken care of I would join her. We had gotten into a routine that both relaxed her, helped with her constantly growing belly, and that I found enjoyable as well. Little did I know how enjoyable.

Each night we would go into the bedroom, Marie would take off her clothes, and lay down flat on the bed and I would apply cocoa butter on her stomach to help minimize possible stretch marks that might develop. As the weeks went by, I started to apply the cream to a larger portion of her body as more and more changes took place. Legs, arms, back, anywhere she felt might need it.

More often than not I would remove my clothes if for no other reason than we both felt more comfortable in the nude when we were in our own home.

One night we were going through our evening ritual and everything seemed like any other time. I stood next to her as she lay on the bed, placed the cocoa butter in the palms of my hands, rubbing them together in order to warm up the cream, and began to apply it to her stomach. I would start by rubbing it in very slow, soft, circular motions across her belly, sweeping wider and wider after each revolution.

Something was different tonight. As my hands moved across her bare skin, instead of becoming more relaxed, Marie started to tense up. Barely noticeable at first but as my hands moved further and further from the center I noticed that she was beginning to arch her back ever so slightly. At the same time I could also hear an almost imperceptible moan coming from her lips. I began to ask her if everything was alright when I saw a small smile start to form on her lips. This intrigued me so I decided to expand the application of the ointment to other areas of her skin (wink).

While keeping my right hand concentrating on her abdomen, my left hand slowly crept up to her breast, massaging it gently with the butter.

This elicited an even greater response so I continued with more enthusiasm now lubricating the tips of her nipples between my fingers with the care of a master pianist tickling the keys of a Steinway Grand Piano in Orchestra Hall. The effect was instantaneous.

Marie had always had extremely sensitive breasts but now that they had swelled due to the pregnancy her reaction was something that I had never witnessed in her before. Almost on command, her nipples stood up longer and firmer than I had ever seen. They looked as if they were tiny ballistic missiles on a countdown readied to be fired at any moment and the low guttural sounds that were emerging from this stunning Mother to be told me that I should proceed at all costs.

As my left hand continued to massage, squeeze and pinch every centimeter of my now twitching Goddess.

Her moans became louder and louder by the second so I began moving my right hand down her Baby Bump toward her inner thigh at which point her legs parted as if Moses was parting the Red Sea exposing her always clean-shaven pussy. By now, I too could hardly control myself. My cock had grown stiffer than I could remember but I held myself in check because before my eyes was my favorite of all treasures, a small gold ring that pierced the skin near her clit and I had to get my hands (or more precisely) fingers on it or I thought I would die.

Marie was now shaking uncontrollably as I entered her soaking vagina. At first, I plunged into her with two and then a third finger, curling them just slightly in order to guarantee that each thrust in and out of her convulsing mound would create maximum impact on the stimulated G Spot while all along never losing focus on that amazing clit which now resembled a small but equally formidable version of my throbbing dick.

By this point, the Mother to be was screaming so loudly that I was certain anyone within five square miles was thinking that she was giving birth right then and there.

Instead, she was assured that I only increased the intensity of my actions. How could I deny her every wish? Lol. Besides, I was no longer in control of this event as I too was swept away with excitement. My body was dripping with sweat. I was weak in the knees and my cock was straining as if the serpent was preparing to shed its skin.

Marie has always had one of the most vivacious sexual appetites of any woman I had ever known but now, with her increased hormones ragging, she was insatiable. Suddenly, as my right hand plowed deeper and faster into her hot, hairless pussy and the fingers on my left hand pulled and pinched her most exquisite tits, she exploded with the first of many organisms still to cum. Squirting a stream high enough across the room that she could have been mistaken for Buckingham Fountain in Chicago. The excitement rolled over her like the waves of a tsunami crashing onto land wiping out everything in its path.

Without warning, I felt my hips being grabbed and pulled with tremendous strength toward my girlfriend’s face, and before I knew it my cock was devoured.

Marie engulfed every inch of my shaft with a fervor I had never experienced before. Her hands gripping with such force that her nose flattened against my groan as her tongue tickled and lapped my cum swollen balls. As my fingers continued to ferociously fuck the passageway of our future child, I was receiving the most incredible blow job I have ever had in my 59 years until I released a flood of hot seed down my stunningly beautiful 29-year-old pregnant girlfriend’s throat. Marie hungrily drank down every drop until there was nothing remaining and yet she refused to release me prior to the shaft shrinking from its formidable size. Even then she continued licking as I fell onto the bed with exhaustion.

As I lay there, soaked in sweat and gasping for air, Marie threw her legs over mine and sat up looking down at me. Smiling and still licking my cum off her full pink lips she glowed. Tits that I knew would someday feed our future child and the baby bump that was currently the home of that child made her even more beautiful to me than I could possibly have imagined.

As if reading my mind, this stunning French vision lowered herself onto me.

She placed her pregnant belly against my still heaving waist and her inflated breasts against my chest finally bringing her face next to mine. Whispering softly in my ear I heard her say ” You know, one day I will be filled with milk and I’m told that I will produce much more than our little girl will ever need. I would hate for all that milk to go to waste.

Wouldn’t you? Whatever shall we do? Any suggestions?”.

It was at that point that I realized that her Baby Bump was the best thing to ever happen to us and that the months ahead were going to be a wild adventure. As I closed my eyes drifting off to sleep with a smile on my face that stretched from ear to ear something shocked me out of my approaching slumber.


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