Prostate stimulation fetish? My neighbor just confessed his. He pays escorts to come over and stimulate his prostate. He was hoping I’d be willing to explore his anal play desires. I do love playing with a mans ass so how could I say no. I grabbed his cock and teased it with my fingertips, I whispered in his ear “Lay down”. He lays back on the couch I take his cock in one hand I stroke it get it hard, I get my finger wet and I slowly push it into his ass. I watch him squirm he is enjoying that finger so much. It wasn’t hard to find he was so aroused his prostate was swollen. I gently massage it with my fingertips, Watching his eyes practically roll back into his head.

Think you can handle a little prostate stimulation?

He looked ready to cum so I removed my finger from his ass. I want to make this the best prostate stimulation experience he’s ever had so A little tease won’t hurt him, It will only build his orgasm and make it that much more enjoyable for us both. I was in the mood for a little ass licking anyways. I shoved my tongue against his ass. I moved my tongue in circles and then up and down. I grab the lube and this time I lube two finger, I gently place those two finger back  inside him and massage his prostate again. This time when I grabbed his cock it wasn’t just hard it was throbbing I could see the vein jumping and twitching, his cock was begging for more so I continued prostate stimulation.

I massaged his prostate a little faster, while stroking his cock harder and faster. His cock head leaking pre cum. I reached down and licked that pre cum away with my tongue. It tastes so good I just had to wrap my lips around that cock, giving his cock a little stimulation with my tongue. His prostate swells more I know he’s ready to explode. Looking for an amazing prostate assisted orgasm? I got a few tricks up my sleeves let me show you how to achieve the best orgasm ever.

Kinky Kelsey