Holy shit my new neighbor is sexy! I thought to myself. I was checking him out when he was kissing his wife goodbye. So I was in my room getting ready for my boyfriend to come over and christen the new house I just moved into. I took notice to the sexy neighbor while I was pulling my silky panties on. I figured after I had my way with Rob I would take myself over to meet the people I would be living next to.

Panties, bra, stockings, heels…check. I looked hot and ready to fuck. I knew Rob would love the new outfit I bought for this very day. On cue, I heard a knock at the door. Rob was here and I was gonna suck his dick like I was mad at it.

I went to the door and open it enough to grab him by the collar and pull him inside. I didn’t want anyone to see me dressed the slutty 9’s. Only when I yanked in Rob…it wasn’t Rob. It was the fucking neighbor I was checking out earlier!

“Umm, I’m so sorry I uh, thought you were my boyfriend. He is supposed to get here around this time.” I said in a hurry. I tried to hide my tits from his bulging eyes. He didn’t say anything for a long moment. Just stared. The quiet room came to life when my cell beeped. He snapped out of his trance and apologized. He introduced himself as Mike.

I smiled and reached for my phone. It was a text from Rob that he was called into work and couldn’t make it. He sent a picture of his hard cock which only made my nipples hard, damn him! My pussy was wet and hungry for cock.

I toss my phone down and told Mike how my boyfriend called off the visit. He asked if I wanted him to leave. I was so horny I actually asked him to stay. I could tell by the tent in his pants that he was willing to give me what my pussy craved.

So I got on my knees and pulled his cock out in a flash. I started bobbing my head up and down the entire length. He pulled my mouth off his cock and pulled me to the sofa. He laid down and told me to sit on his face so he could lick my pussy. Then he pulled my soaked panties to the side and drove his tongue deep into me.

I moaned hard while sucking. Before I knew it I was on my knees and his cock was ramming with all hell force into me. My pussy clenched and took its orgasm with a greedy vengeance. The strength of my orgasm milked his cock dry. I felt each squirt melt inside of me.

Once we caught our breath, I climbed off of Mike and got really red in the face. I was embarrassed at what a dirty little slut I was. Mike sat with a huge grin on his face. He shook my hand and said he was happy to welcome me to the neighborhood. Gotta say I wanna fuck my neighbor every chance I get…

I know I get plenty of free phone sex from you guys, but I still crave a hot role plays like this. Give me a call and lets play!

Be My Naughty Neighbor

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