My Money Piggy: His Money Is All Mine and He Knows It

All girls dream about a guy who will take care of them and treat them like a princess. They will get new clothes, shoes, a car, fancy dinners.. Blah, blah, blah. I think that is boring. What about someone who wants to fork over their cash and you just have to treat them like their little bitch? That sounds better to me than some romantic bullshit. I know I’m a queen, I can take care of myself. And treating someone like my own little piggy is how I like it.


He calls me up wanting to be treated like dirt. I take his money from him… oh, it feels so good. I humiliate him and make him cum. Pathetic! But, he loves it. My own little money pig. My little bitch. He knows I am the best he will ever have and appreciates me treating him this way. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Of course, I know there are girls who want a sugar daddy. I don’t want that. I depend on me for my money. He pays me for my time and to help him cum. Or he just cums right before he calls and just wants to hear me laugh at him.

It turns me on knowing he is jerking his hard little dick for me.

“I love how you drain my wallet,” he tells me as he jerks his dick. I just laugh at him and hang upon him. That makes him even harder! I am his goddess, his reason for making money, his reason for getting hard.. his reason for cumming. He loves my ass, my laugh, the way I treat him. I love that he pays me to humiliate him. And he gets nothing in return sometimes… but he loves it.

Sometimes when he calls me I just sit in complete silence as he watches the clock… and watches his cock throb for me. He loves it! He wants to stroke his dick at the thought of me but, I won’t let him. It makes my pussy so wet just knowing he’s sitting there hanging on my every word. Thinking about my sexy and tight ass, but he can’t have it. He doesn’t deserve it! Ha ha ha! Mmm, my panties are just getting soaked thinking about all that money in my hand.

How many of you are money pigs? Just working your ass off to come home and call a girl and hand over your money? If only there were more of you. Hehe! The world would be a much happier place. Someone to take charge of your wallet… you want that, don’t you? Mmm, yes you do. Stroke that hard dick to the thought of a girl spending all of your hard-earned cash on expensive things while you sit there jerking off to her pictures. You little bitch, you know you want that. And those who haven’t tried it yet.. do it. You might want to fulfill your secret desire for being a cash slave.


Do you love to be dominated? Are you a cheating husband? Do you have a confession?

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