My mile high initiation!

I have officially joined the mile high club! I had the biggest cock initiate me into the legendary status. I never knew first class could be so extraordinary!

I have flown first class many times, especially on my sugar daddy’s bill. This time however I was seated next to a sharply dressed business man who reeked of status and wealth. He seemed very pleased to be sitting next to me in my short dress and black pumps. He eyed me up and down and ordered a bottle of champagne, two glasses. He introduced himself, we made small talk and flirted. He then started to subtly touch me and asked me if I would ever be interested in some risk taking. I guess this guy did not realize he was dealing with bad Blake. I told him to meet me in the bathroom and I was going to show him what the mile-high really feels like!

When he entered the bathroom, his cock was already hard in his pinstripe suit. He undid his pants to reveal a raging hard 9 inch boner. I lifted up my skirt to expose my wet pink pussy through my purple lace thong.

“Do you like what you see?”

He didn’t even respond, just grabbed me by the hips, bent me over further and started eating my pussy from behind. He licked outside my thong and then pushed it to the side and started lapping up my pussy juices. I gripped onto a handle bar hanging on the wall as he plunged his tongue deep into my pussy. He then started burying his face in my ass and spread my cheeks wide opening, moving his tongue back and forth.

I turned around to suck his dick but he lifted me up and started pounding my pussy with my legs over his head! He pumped in and out of me and was literally holding me by the ass as he fucked me. His cock was so massive I could feel it stretching out my tiny hole. I came almost instantly and just as I had my release someone knocked on the bathroom door. I could feel his cock get rock hard and I knew he was close to finishing. He kept fucking me as the person was knocking and it was the hottest moment of my life. He then pulled out and creamed all over my face.

“You’re my mile high bitch.”

Damn straight I am…

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