I’m a west coast girl at heart.. so when I moved out to the east coast, a lot of things caught me by surprise.. the cold weather being one of them! Brrrrr! I still remember one of the past few winters here, during college, I was freezing cold running to my car. I practically dived inside! Wearing a fluffy little hoodie didn’t save me at all when it came to wintertime. And to my dismay.. my car’s battery was acting up. It wouldn’t start. It’d been giving me some issues for a while, with the alternator shorting because the battery was dead. I was stranded in my college parking lot and I just wanted to be warm at home.
I called up a local mechanic that one of my friends suggested, asking him what to do as I trembled inside the car. He decided to come over and inspect it himself, to fix it temporarily enough to get it to the shop or get me home. He got it running just long enough to have me follow him to his shop, and was even sweet enough to give me a drive home.. and damnit – he was cute. He was older than me, but something about his big, strong arms, and the subtle accent when he was talking to me.. it just drove me crazy.
So there I was, a scatterbrained, scared, cold freshman in college, and my car happened to break down and this cute southern guy came to the rescue. It made everything feel much better. So.. I kind of started teasing him. I’m a crazy little flirt, everything’s a challenge. So when I had the chance to see how my flirting would work on an older man.. I grabbed it by the balls! 😉
and I started flirting right form the get-go, weaseling my way into his dirty thoughts as I was still in the shop..and before long, he couldn’t resist himself. I’d locked the door behind me and given him a little look as I glanced back at him, putting an extra arch in my back. And he read the signs and went for it, walking over and leaning in, picking me up against the wall..
I always get what I want. I love seeing what limits I can push..and seeing who I can seduce. That southern guy rocked my world for a few months after that..who knew a random mechanic would make such an amazing fuck buddy!

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