I love teasing my little cuckold bitch. He can’t do anything about it. Sometimes he tries to fire back and be a little dominant..but let’s face it, it never works out! He knows his place, at the end of the day – and it turns him on even more to submit to it. Though sometimes it requires a little force..a little mean tone to remind him I’m the one in charge, his mistress. And he can’t do anything about it, other than stay down under me like a good boy.

He’s got a fun little mix of kinks. He loves my sexy, soft little feet..and of course I love to dress them up for him. I bought some black leather heels with the red soles.. the kind that even women fall in love with. So of course he’s all over me when I’m wearing them.. but he knows the rules – he can only get his chance to kiss and lick them if he calls me Mistress. And sometimes, when he’s being a good boy, I’ll give him a little show.. Lately he’s been fantasizing like crazy of being my cuckold again – getting to watch me get fucked by a big black cock.. So sooner or later, I wanted to make him melt for me, and I called over my black fuck buddy and gave him a show. You should have heard the stutter and whimper in his voice as his cock grew hard for me.. He just can’t contain it, the little slut!

All mine to torment and torture.. He’s just stuck being my little faggot bitch. Sometimes I even wonder if he’d like to be my little fuck toy, and if he’d let me use a strap-on with him.. But I think he likes the idea of getting fucked like a fag even more. “Tell me how you’re going to take a big, black cock for me” – that line drives him crazy. Can you blame him? He’s just a little bitch doing what all submissive faggots do…take a hard cock in the ass at their Mistress’s whim. 😉


Come play with me.

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