Eating My Pretty Ass


You and I have been kissing step-cousins for a long time. It’s not until this past summer we decided to take our sexual relationships up a notch. As we lay in bed after having very hot passionate anal sex. I tell you that I would like to try something a little different. This news excites you because you have always been pretty open-minded. So with confidence, I let you know I’m going to start our sexual sessions with ass worship, going forward. Your eyes light up with joy. Then you express your curiosity about whether today will be the day we start. I put your mind at ease and tell you to lay on your back on the bed. Then I whisper in your ear, about the things.  I want you will do to my pretty ass.

Yes that’s right I have the pretty ass of a pure sex Goddess.

And now I am going to serve up my ass for you. When you reply that you will compile to my every word and worship every inch of my pretty ass. It is like music to my ears and my puckered pretty ass begins to tingle. That’s when I knew you were more than just my kissing step-cousin but also my kinky ass lover too. You will be one of the first men I ever dominate. Because you can have a way of bringing that side out of me. We don’t see each as much as we would like but you are still so obsessed with my pretty ass. So I hope to get some good ass smothering or face-sitting action today for sure.

Your secret of loving my pretty ass is so obvious.

Because almost every compliment you give me is about my pretty ass, and how much you fantasize about it. I was a good girl once. Before I decided to embark on my new life of sensual domination,  I was just a good girl. However, now I feel like a good girl gone, powerful, and unstoppable. As you wait for me to re-enter the room in anticipation. I apply the finishing touch to my makeup and slip into my clear four-inch heels. I’m also wearing a red g string with the bra to match. It’s the perfect outfit to be able to stand before you allowing you to worship my pretty ass. So when I walk back in the room you lean upwards to gaze at me. Your eyes follow my every seductive step as I move close to you.

Then I pause halfway to tease you.

Next, I instruct you to crawl over to me and put your whole face in the crack of my pretty ass. You do as you’re told and bury your face right where I want it. I tell you to pull my g-string to the side and place your warm tongue in my fuckhole. Wow! This feels incredible. I love how empowered I feel while pushing your face deeper my pretty ass. At this point, I’m sure you’re struggling to breathe. I hear you gasping for air I pull your head back then push it back into my ass. This goes on for a few minutes before I tell you to go back on the bed.

The next command I give you is to lay down, stick out your tongue, and wait. I climb over you and sit my whole pussy and ass on your tongue. You are smothered with my pussy juices. I cum on your face over and over that night. And you enjoy every single drop.

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