I always look forward to the weekends…

I was thinking about it all day. Her voice in my ear, her arms around me. Falling entirely into the embrace of my mistress’ grip. Waiting a week was torture. At the end of each day, I thought about going back, begging her to help relieve me again. Despite this, I waited. 

Until finally- Friday.  It was a relief in many ways, and I don’t think anyone would disagree with me on that. For me, it was even more potent. My wife thinks I work until 4:00 pm on Friday, but I actually get out at 2. Soon, my anticipation was off the charts, making me hard even as I did the banal task of jumping in my car. I loved this little routine, the fulfilling feeling of this drive. Going to visit my Hypnotism Mistress.

She looked amazing

She greeted me at the door, as always, and stepped aside without a word. I walked in, having tucked away my hard-on to try and make it less obvious that I was utterly desperate for this. I’m not sure why I bothered; I’m sure she already knew. 

She led me to the couch, always the same spot, laying the same way on familiar pillows. She sat down on a stool next to me, her face next to mine. Finally, she started doing the thing that made the entire week worth it.

She started talking low and slow

Her voice washed over me like honey. Every word lingered on my skin, lights dancing behind my eyes as she spoke. She told me to be aware of my body and to focus on only two things: how I felt, and what I heard. She told me to relax, how to loosen each muscle. I felt myself sinking more into the fabric of her couch. Impossibly soothing as I imagined it rising around my arms, hugging close to my body until I was completely engulfed and warm. I heard the voice of my hypnotism mistress in my ear the entire time.

I felt her hands all over me as I fell completely under her spell. Her voice guided me, and without even thinking, I brought my hand down to my cock to rub the bulge in my pants with my palm. Her hands caressed my chest as I freed my hard-on from my tight jeans. I wasn’t even embarrassed to start jerking my hand up and down my cock in front of her. Especially because her voice was right in my ear, leading me on, telling me how fast or how slow to stroke.

Without her instruction, I wouldn’t have been able to control myself

Already, my balls were starting to feel so tight. I was so easy when it came to her. Regardless, I knew she wouldn’t let me go for quite some time yet. She liked to edge me for upwards of an hour or two before I would be allowed to cum. Hypnotized and entirely at the mercy of whatever she wanted me to do for her was exactly how I liked it. Because when I came, she made sure I always had an explosive orgasm that I could get nowhere else. That’s the thing that my hypnotism mistress offered me that no one else could.

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