My Happy Ending Massage Part One

I get stressed by a lot of things. But I love a good deep tissue massage. I’m very free-spirited and open-minded and don’t mind shedding my clothes to get a good rub down. But when I ventured off the beaten path to a massage parlor on the outskirts of town I found the release of what is known as a “happy ending”.

It was off near a wooded area by a beautiful lake. I was taken in by the beauty in nature. When I saw the sign for massage it just felt like the perfect place and the perfect time. They offered me water with strawberries and lemon. It was refreshing. They offered me a white robe and slippers and pointed me toward the sauna steam room and whirlpool jacuzzi. I steamed my body and showered and sat in the hot jacuzzi. When they called my name I was very relaxed.

They asked if I preferred male or female.

I said I didn’t mind but I would prefer someone who can give deep pressure whether male or female. My masseur was an older man who looked Russian and was very experienced. The lights were low and the scent of eucalyptus oil filled the room. The older gentlemen stepped out of the room to allow me to disrobe and get under the sheet on the massage table. Even though it seemed like I was alone I felt that someone was watching. I felt he was watching me. When he came back into the room he looked at me as though he had seen me naked. It was just a feeling I had but it kind of turned me on to think that he was peaking at me.

Happy ending massage
Happy ending massage

He poured the warm oil on my back and rubbed all the tension out of my back, neck, and shoulders. It was very therapeutic until he started massaging my hips and thighs. He had a way about him. He slid his hands underneath the sheet to massage my butt muscles. That’s when it started feeling sensuous. His fingers were teasing me. He would slide them so close to the crack of my ass that I wanted to spread my butt cheeks and let him in. When he massaged my thighs and calves his hand movements were firm steady and gliding.

I kept spreading my legs wider and wider letting him know that I wanted him to slide his fingers in.

He teased me for a while and then with one swoop of his right hand he slid his palms up my inner calves to my inner thigh and then he slid his index finger slowly and steadily across my clit and my right pussy lip up my ass crack. I moaned. When he knew I liked he was all in. With both hands, he was now fondling my pussy and squeezing my ass cheeks.

It was on. We were just beginning. We were at the start of   My Happy Ending Massage Part One

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