My Happy Ending Massage Part 2

As I laid there on his massage table, naked, on my stomach, with my face down in a hole and my ass perked up I was putty in his hands. He seemed to know exactly how to fondle my clit and pussy with his giant fingers to get me to cum. My pussy was oozing with the wettest juice I ever ooze.

I was cumming steadily and non-stop.  He had control of my pussy with his fingers. He was like a skilled surgeon. So he knew exactly how to make me cum and make me crazy. I got on my knee and perched my ass up in the air. Then I heard him moan. He squeezed my round ass with both hands and massaged my hips. Then he gently slid one finger in my pussy and one finger in my ass. It felt so perfect and so good. I sat up on my knees and moved my pelvic and hips up and down on his fingers. It was the best finger fuck I ever had. His fingers were so big and long and he moved them from side to side inside my pussy and ass as though he knew where my G-spots are.

Finger Fucking
Finger Fucking

My titties bounced up and down as I rode his fingers.

He then slid another finger in my pussy and kept the other in my ass. His two fingers felt like a cock. I spread my legs so wide and up and down and up and down I rode his fingers like I was riding a dick. My titties bounced harder and squeezed and fondled my tits with his other hand. My nipples got so hard that I wanted him to suck them and he must have read my mind because the next thing I knew he was sliding his tongue across both my nipples side to side and back and forth and then he started sucking my tit so good and hard and I moaned and twisted even more on his fingers.

He pulled his fingers out of my pussy and my ass and started to lick his fingers. That turned me one so much. He stared at me and said in a low-toned voice. “I want to eat your pussy and lick your ass. You taste so good.” I laid on my back on the table and spread my legs wide. He lifted up my hips and buried his face between my legs. His long tongue circled my pussy lips, licked my clit, and slid back to my ass while his fingers continue to slide in and out and find all of my G-spots.

I don’t know how long I lay there on his table but he didn’t let me up until he had licked and drank all the pussy juice cum I had.

When he finished he kissed my pussy lips goodbye, slid his tongue across my ass cheeks one more, and gave my entire body one last gliding stroke ending with fondling and sucking my tits. “All finished”, he said and walked away. I lay there thinking that was the best massage I ever had.

My Happy Ending Massage Part 2

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