Turning A Bad Boy Good

It may sound cliche, but I’ve heard that someone has been a very bad boy. But you know what? That’s completely okay because I like a bad boy. They are oh so fun to punish and then even more fun to reward when they take their punishment like a good little slave boy. I have a lot of very important tasks for my boy to do so that he can make up for his disobedience. Let me see…

The To-Do List For My Good Little Slave

First, there are my boots. I know how much a proper pair of thigh-high boots makes my good little slave feel, and I do so love when they are worshipped. A proper tongue cleaning will always bring a smile to my face. Next on the list would be a proper footstool. It is so nice when my good little slave is reduced to just a simple, quiet piece of furniture for me. If you make too much noise, then I’ll just have to get my ball gag. Once my boots have been properly cleaned, and I’ve had a good rest, it will be time to test out a few of my new toys.

I think my good little slave has the perfect little ass to test out my crop on. I’m positive you won’t mind. I want to make sure it leaves the perfect shade of red. I do so love a properly beaten ass. A naked slave with a red ass is the perfect accessory to any dominant’s outfit, especially with the standard leash and collar combination. But you knew that you’d spend every moment in my presence in your collar. I also know you love when I clip my leash to you and guide you on where to go. Let’s be honest, you are here to serve, not to think, and I much prefer a strong obedient bitch, over a little yapping dog.

Are You Ready For Your Reward, Slave?

The ultimate prize of course comes at the end of the night for my very obedient and good little slave. You have that wonderful cock between your legs. It would be such a shame for you to not get a chance to use it, right? But only good boys get to fuck their Mistress. Since you’ve been such a good boy, I’d let you fuck me, but you’d have one last service to perform before you get your prize. Your mouth, between my thighs. After all, Mistress deserves an orgasm for all the hard work she went through training and punishing you. You are such a good pussy eater too, such a perfect little pussy eating slave.

Earning It

After a few orgasms from me, then you’d finally get to put that cock to use. Laying back on the bed, letting you be on top, letting you sink that thick wonderful cock into my pussy. It would fit just right too. Holding your leash tight, to keep your lips in range if I decide to bless you with a kiss. Staring deeply into your eyes as you piston into me over and over again. Such a good little boy, don’t you want to be my good little slave and worship my smoking hot body?


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