My date foot fetish date Donnie picked me up just a little after 6pm for dinner reservations at 7. This was our 3rd date. I wore jaw dropping little black dress, which hugged my young body tightly, along with my sexy 6″ Jimmy Choo sandals (courtesy of date #2 with Donnie).

I was really enjoying the way Donnie was responding to my outfit and especially the special attention he was giving my feet. I loved watching him try to control the raging hard-on that kept appearing.

Once at dinner, we began a very sexually charged conversation. I extended my legs and began flirting with his hard cock under the white cloaked table. I loved how he was embarrassed and at the same time very turned on. As he blushed and turned red his cock grew and got harder and hotter. That excited me.

I demanded him to un-strap my shoes, he did exactly as told. He was slow and seductive when he removed the shoes. He gently rubbed and caressed my silk stockings on my feet, and his eyes and throbbing cock told me I was on the right track. I wiggled my stockings down and he finished taking them off. Once in his hands he brought them to his noise and inhaled my essence from my pantyhose. I whispered to him from across the table, “You may put them in your pocket for later.” He smelled them once more before putting them in his pocket.

My pussy began getting wetter and wetter as he gently stroked and massaged my bare feet. He unzipped his pants and I could feel the thick cock under the thin layer of silk from his boxers. I ordered him to release his cock and he eagerly obeyed. His Cock nestled between my feet I stoked him until he exploded all over my manicured feet.

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