I was killing time online when I found someone talking about this swingers club that they were going to on the weekend. I’d heard of it before but never been so I checked out their website and thought it would be something fun to do. I got there late and everything was in full swing, lol. I wandered around trying to find someone to play with and found Mr. Right. He was young, hot and horny. He was just what I needed for the night.

He took me to a corner were there was a nice wide sofa and we started making out on it. Out of the corner of my eye I could see other couples doing the same thing around the room although some were doing a lot more than just making out. He was all mouth and hands, kissing me and shoving his hands up my shirt so he could touch me. His hands were soft and warm against my skin and his eagerness for me made me wet. I twisted my fingers in his hair and laid down, pulling him on top of me. He rubbed his bulge on me as we kissed and I wanted him. I love an audience and didn’t bother stopping just so we could go to one of the private rooms. “Fuck me now.” I told him and began undoing his trousers. I slipped my hand inside them and began rubbing his semi-hard dick. I felt him grow as he put his hand up my skirt and tugged down my panties. We kept kissing and exposing more skin until we were barely clothed and horny as hell. I noticed a couple of people were watching us and that got me even more excited. I reached down, grabbed his dick and guided him into me. Pre-cum slid over my fingers as he parted my lips. I felt my pussy stretch around him as he entered me inch by inch and I lifted my hips up. He began fucking me and I moaned loudly for the audience which was getting bigger. “Oh yeah, fuck me! Mmmm, just like that.” I cried out as his dick rammed into me, rubbing my back raw on the sofa. I looked at one couple near me and saw the man watching me while his female partner was jerking him off. I looked him in the eyes as Mr. Right moved on top of me and he loved it. He put his hand on top of his partners and jerked himself off using her hand, cumming all over it. I then cupped one breast in my hand and rolled the nipple between my fingers as I rocked with Mr. Right. It sent tingles through me and made me more eager, I just couldn’t get enough. My pussy throbbed and tightened around him as we moved faster and I began to tense up. I closed my eyes and let him fuck me as the feeling grew and I came with a cry. A minute later he groaned and came deep inside me.

He climbed off me and we fixed our clothes as the crowd started to go away. Mr. Right and I went to find other people to play with and we never saw each other again.



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