My first encounter with Daddy!

I was 16 years old, and I had always heard my mommy and Daddy fucking hard in their room, the bathroom, the living room. They would invite people over and always go to the living room after putting my sister and I to bed. One night, I finally decided to go look at what they were doing…

As I peeked out of the stairway I saw my mommy getting fucked hard and fast doggy style by my Uncle Joe, and she had Aunt Lex’s pussy in her face! I could hear the wetness from both of their dripping cunts getting sucked and fucked! I could feel myself starting to get really wet. I kept watching, with every thrust, and every lick, the moans roared thru the house. I got wetter and wetter as the moments passed.

Daddy was watching and he had a video camera in his hands, and then he seen me! “Oh Shit!” I thought “Daddy’s going to be so mad at me!” He walked to the stairs and looked at me with that wicked little grin of his that always made me want to jump on him! He took me by the arm to the living room where mommy was still getting her tight, wet, sexy pussy pounded by Uncle Joe! It thrilled me more and more, the wetness in my Virgin Pussy was unbelievable, I felt it start to go down my sexy little legs. Then before I knew it my silky pajama shirt was on the floor and Daddy said to Mommy “we need a blind fold and some lube! We are going to show her what this is really about!” And this is where the fun REALLY began!

Mommy and Aunt Lex went to get a blindfold from upstairs and Uncle Joe went to his car to get the bottle of lube. Daddy had me on the couch, the cold leather made my pussy get even wetter. Daddy had my legs spread wide open and he noticed how wet I really was! He slid my panties off and began to suck all of the juicy wetness right out of my virgin twat. I had been waiting for this moment for far too long in my eyes! I let out moans and starting moving my hips to the pace of Daddy’s tongue, mmm! I was about to explode all over Daddy until I felt his middle finger slide deep inside my drenched pussy! He continued to lap up all of that sweet wetness! In and out with his big fingers, then before I knew it his pointer finger was right on my clit where his tongue was. But now, his tongue was on my asshole, licking, kissing and fucking. Mm.

Mommy and Aunt Lex were back down stairs watching this happen as I moan, louder and louder! Uncle Joe came charging in threw the back door to stare at daddy eating my ass and fingering my pussy. & it felt so good! I could see Uncle Joes cock getting bigger and bigger. Daddy told him to fuck mommy and Aunt Lex to record this! Daddy picked me up, put the blindfold on me and then it happened!

He stood me up and put his big fat cock in my mouth and I sucked that dick like it was going to be the last dick I was ever going to get! When he felt it was wet enough he turned me around so my hands were on the arm of the couch, He rubbed that fat cock up and down my wet slit. He put the head of his cock in me, picked me up and spun me around so I was facing him, cock still in me. He grabbed my hips and slammed his dick deep in my pussy! We both moaned the loudest moans I’ve ever heard! I wrapped my legs around his hips and grinded my pussy on that amazing man meat of his! Oh Fuck! He was pounding my pussy!! It felt SO GOOD! Faster, harder, rougher! Oh FUCK! I came all around him!! A few seconds passed and he was so ready to explode all over me! He picked me up I put my mouth around the head of his dick and he blew his hot, sticky load down my throat! I’ll never forget my first time with Daddy!

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