You won’t believe this, but it’s true. How did my innocent tutoring session turn into this wicked game?!

I’ll confess that playing a private sex game with my hot instructor is not something I’d ever expected, but it turned out to be everything this submissive college slut needed. And more.

Where did this sordid little tale begin, you might ask? But of course, our first “training session” took place right here in the classroom. After all, isn’t that where you can learn some of the very best “life lessons?” ~wink~

Anyway, we sat on the amber parquet floor, both cross-legged and with my back against the cool eggshell wall. You sat in front of me, just as straight-backed as I was. Facing me, we sat so closely, our knees nearly touching.

Suddenly, you smacked my left nipple with a wooden ruler. Obviously, our private sex game had begun! That abrupt, thunder crack of pain blazed across my nerve endings, making my world go silent for a moment as lightning crackled behind my blue eyes.

Everything vibrated and swam in my vision. In addition, the blood rushed in my ears while my face blazed hotly. My vision blurring, your face finally came back into focus. Sitting right in front of me, you filled my line of sight as your hand closed around my neck as I strained against the multiple strands of rope wrapping my petite body.

Although I was obviously bound and helpless, your ropes also made me strong. Unsurprisingly, I kept tensing my muscles and fighting against my bonds. Indeed, I couldn’t stop myself if I tried. Never resting, never giving up, even when I know how good your knots are and how well you know my wiggling ways.

Yes indeed, I’ll show YOU who’s in charge of this private sex game, Sir!

You watched me with thinly veiled amusement as I didn’t even try to hide my wriggling, yet ultimately futile escape attempts. As we both knew they would, your ropes tightly embraced me, keeping me safe and secure. An early fall breeze blew in through a nearby open window, tickling my sweaty, naked flesh.

I wore nothing, of course, except for the little blackboard. It was about the size of a school composition notebook, smooth wood framing a rectangle of dark gray slate. On the surface were two short, stark white lines.

My feet tingled due to my tightly bound position. Arms restrained behind my back, wrists tied together. The little blackboard hung around my neck, from a coarse piece of twine that slightly cut into my nape’s tender skin. I felt so confused and horny! On one hand, the floor was hard and my bindings cut into my tender skin. Also, you really knew how to get my attention with that evil ruler!

On the other hand, your private sex game made my pussy swell and drip with a desperate need for more, more, MORE!

I felt my head spin, unable to think of anything beyond the need to get fucked and to get fucked RIGHT NOW! At the same time, I felt this burning compulsion to obey. I absolutely needed to get your questions and rules and instructions exactly right, to make certain that I please you exquisitely and completely.

“So,” you asked conversationally, your hand lightly grasping my throat as you casually tossed a piece of chalk with the other, “why did you think it was acceptable to play with your cunt? After all, that is MY pussy, not yours.”

“Furthermore,” your tone darkening dangerously, “what made you believe you could get away with making yourself cum without permission, pet?”

I froze, finally realizing the depth of the trouble I was in. How did you guess that I’d rubbed one out this morning before class? I was super SCREWED now. Well, so to speak!

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