I have dirty doggie secrets to share!

My confessions are about my love of dirty doggie sex. Not to mention, I also love to get fucked in the ass until I come. Because of this, I would like to consider myself a ’dual threat’ or even a ’triple threat’ if you consider my mouth!  But how does one tell one’s lover that ‘ass-fucking’ is a special delight or that the family pet hopefully a large dog, is one of a girl’s choices? For me, it is during one hot sexual night that I mumble between thrusts and moans .“I’ve got to tell you something.” My husband looks at me with a curious look, as I  fuck him so good. Somehow I get the courage with all the sexual exercise to take a chance. I tell my husband, “One time I let a dog fuck me.”

Yes, it’s true, I love dirty doggie sex.

I continue to smile and milk his cock, as he closes his eyes and enjoys …and then he cums hard from deep thrusts inside me.  I think the idea of a dirty doggie fucking makes him cum harder. The morning light covers our bed and bodies. My Hubby’s first words  are “Really?” I kind of play it off and pretend, I don’t know what he is talking about. Then I decided to not keep him in suspense anymore. I confess all about my dirty doggie sex from the past. My husband is in shock but so turned on. We fucked two more times that morning. Then, one day, he comes home from work…and announces that he has a surprise for me.

 I am stunned.

He has brought home a beautiful, large dog, With the red tip of his cock pulsing and dripping. It is my turn to have a huge smile and a wet cunt. Which seems like a simultaneous coordinated response. My husband picks a wonderful dog, with a large and very well-hung penis for dirty doggie sex. After that the dog kind of prances to me, and noses at my panties. Wow, this is great, a big brand new animal, and my Hubby is here to watch. My husband has a bulge in his pants, as he sees me spread my legs for our Lab. Then my good little new boy is lapping at me, from my ass straight up to my clit and then all over again. He likes my flavor. I love his long tongue.

We are a match in dirty doggie heaven. 

I almost cum from the long sloppy licks but I want to hold back, build my feelings to climax, and did. But then there is more licking and the dog begins to mount me now from the back. His dick is fully exposed, stiff, red, wet with the little tip motioning to my hole. I decide this will be a regular fucking, anal will be another time.  And I can hardly wait for some dirty doggie anal sex but I did. The Lab is on my back, his cock searching for my ‘spot.’ And I have my mouth on Hubby’s cock. I almost bit him as the dog found my wet hole and the dog started to stroke me deep and hard. Then I push my ass back towards him.

I want more dirty doggie cock. 

My good boy impales me as his balls pound my pussy lips. I am breathless as I pant and moan in pleasure. I know my Lab is about to cum as I feel his cock knot up inside. He came so hard inside my pussy and then withdrew his red tip. Wow, what a day! Me and my hubby lay on the floor covered in sweat and cum from our dirty doggie sex. We lie there until the room is dark and the dog is asleep, all of us in a state of bliss. Are taboo topics always on my mind? Check out: Fucking Me Senseless.

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