My brother Eric is only a year older than me.  We have been flirting with each other for a few months but nothing has really happened between us.  One night, while I was lying in bed, I heard my door open and close.  I lay still in my bed pretending to be asleep.  I peeked through slatted eyes to see Eric slowly creeping over to my bed.

I had one leg fully uncovered.  He traced his fingers up it from my foot to my upper thigh.  He knows that I am a heavy sleeper so he obviously wasn’t worried about waking me up.  This is usually very true, if I’m actually asleep!!  I wanted to see what he would do to me, so I continued with my charade.  When he got to the top of my thigh, I pretended to stir in my sleep, slightly parting my legs and giving him a nice view of my young, panty covered pussy.  The thought of him touching me there was turning me on like crazy!!  He started to trace the outline of my pussy through my silky panties.  I must have moaned out loud because he paused for a moment, looking at me, before he continued his exploration.

Lifting the edge of my panties with his finger, he exposed my glistening slit.  I felt like I was dying inside from anticipation of what he would do next and could hear my heartbeat in my head. He started rubbing me and playing in my wetness, stroking in and out of my tight hole with his finger.  He took his hand away, I couldn’t see what he was doing.  But then I heard him sucking on his fingers!!  He was getting his first taste of my pussy!  I was wondering what was taking him so long to touch me again when the bed shifted and I felt his warm breath on my virgin lips.  He stuck out his tongue and moaned as he tasted my hot juices for the second time.  He continued lapping at my sweet puss for over an hour, exploring every slit and hole with his tongue.  I had never had my pussy touched, let alone licked, and it felt amazing!!  I couldn’t get enough! My first oral experience was from my brother!

I don’t think he knew that I was awake, if he did; he never stopped what he was doing.  I had to have been moaning and squirming under him without realizing it.  It felt way too good for me to have not done anything.   The next morning at breakfast we were both in a really good mood.  I told him that I had an amazing dream the night before and he looked a little scared.  I didn’t mention anything to him, just gave him a big smile.  That night was the beginning of some very exciting experimenting with my brother Eric.



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