My Boyfriend Became My Cuckold Bitch Slave

I pulled my strap on from Nathan’s mouth and pushed him back off of the bed.  I told him to go sit in the chair.  If he wanted to see me get fucked, he was about to get exactly what he wanted.  Kelly moved toward me and pulled me into her for a nice, deep kiss.  As we were making out, her hands found my breasts and squeezed them.    We fell back onto the bed with me on top of her.  I straddled her body and took her rubber shaft in my hand, positioning it up toward my wet folds.

It penetrated my opening, stretching my tight hole around the large girth.  I looked over at Nathan who was transfixed on the scene going on in front of him, and said “Oh my God, her dick feels so much better than yours!  Compared to this, you have the smallest fucking cock ever!”


He started moaning at my words and I realized then how much he was into watching me get fucked and having me humiliate him.  The words just started flowing out of my mouth from there.  “Your tiny cock will never feel the same in my pussy again, Nathan.  I probably won’t even be able to feel that pinky dick inside of me when you put it in.  Take out that pathetic prick of yours and let me see it.”  With that, he removed his shorts and grabbed a hold of his shaft.

I couldn’t help myself.  I started laughing at him!  “HAHAHAHAHA!!!

That is the saddest excuse for a cock!  We are just going to call it your little clitty from now on.  Now rub your little clitty for me, Nathan.”  He started stroking his cock and before he even pumped it three times, his cum shot out all over himself.  “HAHAHA, you can’t even hold out long enough to fuck!” I exclaimed as he continued pumping himself, squeezing out every drop.  Kelly started really pounding into my pussy then and I started squirting all over.

There was so much that it was dripping down both of our legs.  You could hear how wet my pussy was as she continued her pounding.  I motioned for Nathan to get up on the bed with us.  Kelly removed her cum covered dildo from my dripping hole and moved toward Nathan.  We had him get in a doggy-style position with her in the front and me behind him.  I spread his cheeks at the same time she parted his mouth with her rubber meat.  I lubed up his tight fuck hole really good and started to work my strap-on cock inside.

To my surprise, he started pushing himself back onto me as if begging for more.  He began fucking me back as he was moaning on Kelly’s dick.  I grabbed a hold of his hips, spanking his ass and telling him how much of a fucking little bitch he was.  “You fucking like that cock up your ass, don’t you Nathan?  You like being our little bitch?”  I asked.

“Mmmmm Hmmmm” was the only reply he could get out as his mouth was being full-on fucked by Kelly now.

“That’s a good little bitch, suck that fucking cock while I pound your tight little man pussy!” I said as I reached around and grabbed his “little clitty”.  “That’s right, make that little clitty cum for me again.  I know you want to cum with both of your holes stuffed full.”  He moaned louder taking his pounding like a good little fuck slave.  As he shot his load all over my bed I told him that he was now going to be our bitch.  He will be doing EVERYTHING we tell him from now on.  “Yes Mistress Brooke,” he replied, “anything you say.”

I pulled out of his ass, looked underneath him, and said, “Very good, now lick up your fucking mess and get the fuck out of here.  Kelly and I have some things to finish up.”  This is the beginning of my little slave Nathan.  Kelly and I used the shit out of him for quite a while.  But damn, he loved every minute of it!!!  Want to know what else we had in store for him???  Give me a call, I’d LOVE to tell you my naughty stories of a boyfriend gone cuckold slave.  And what a good slave he was.  Cuckold phone sex is so fucking hot!!!  Hehehe

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