the best orgasm I have ever had!

Let me tell you a story about the Best Orgasm that I ever had.

I had this date marked on my calendar for months now, it was finally here! It was October, 10th 2012. I was 21; I was going out with this guy that I had a HUGE crush on! And when I say that I mean he couldn’t walk by me without me getting all red in the cheeks, and wet in my panties. We met when I started college. He was walking down the sidewalk coming at me, I was lost. I asked him where my class was and he walked me all the way there. I had been drooling over him ever since.

He asked me out 6 months later, we set the date. But, he had to go on a business trip for his work, so it was pushed back until he came home. I was so excited to see him again! It was unreal! I was ready, wearing one of my little black dresses with my matching heels, hair curled, and makeup perfect!

It was a long 20 min car ride to the little restaurant on the corner; it was quiet and personal. Then he walked in, it took my breath away! He was wearing a button-up dress shirt and black slacks. He looked professional and HOT! Then he walked right to me and kissed my cheek! I was instantly wet! He sat down across from me and slid me a note that read. “This is the night you have been waiting for as have I. We will have the best orgasm as tonight progresses. This will be a night you will never forget!”

He ordered us drinks and we sat there slowly sipping on our cold margaritas, the lime was almost as strong as the tequila. Before we could even order our meals we were already leaving. We were in his black Porsche, the leather was cold, but warming up fast. He had his left hand on the steering wheel and his right on my thigh. He was rubbing my thigh up and down and side to side, he wanted me as bad as I wanted him! We went to his house. The air was cold now; when we walked into his house it was warm. It felt inviting as soon as you walked inside.

He leaned in and kissed me before I could even say how beautiful his house was! He picked me up and carried me to his bedroom and started stripping off my clothes. Then he took his shirt off and threw it to the side. He leaned onto the bed where I was and said “This is going to be the Best Orgasm you’ve ever had!” I was ready! All I could do was smile! I wanted him and I wanted him NOW!

Off went his pants and boxers and he laid down beside me. I climbed on top of him, pussy in his face, and started to suck his cock until he was about to cum while he was eating my pussy and asshole! I moaned loudly “Oooohhh! Yeah! MMMMM!”  He told me to cum in his mouth and I came, and I came hard. He sucked it all up! It was really the Best Orgasm I’ve ever had!

I then tried to ride his dick, but he had different plans for us! He flipped me onto my hands and knees, and slapped my ass! It felt great! He slid his cock deep in my pussy and started pumping, and pumping hard! He moaned as loud as I did! Then he stopped suddenly!

He picked me up and carried me to the wall. He had me pinned by my legs and he was eating my pussy as no one has before! The way he had me up the wall I was completely helpless and I loved it! The feeling of no control was euphoric! The rapid movement of his tongue against my clit was more than I could handle! I was going to cum and I was going to cum hard! As I screamed “I’m Cumming! I’m Cumming!” I could feel it dripping out of me with every pulse of my pussy, and he wasn’t missing a drop!

But then a feeling I have never felt before, I was going to cum again. As my eye’s rolled back in my head, I was completely speechless. I opened my mouth, but nothing came out. My mind was racing I was cumming again, and this time, it was harder and stronger than the first time. I just had the best orgasm I’ve ever had! I would never have imagined that this man that I have longed for, had such a way with his tongue on my pussy.

He laid me back onto the bed and crawled on top of me. I was still throbbing from his tongue. He slid his cock into me and started fucking me, it was happening again, I was having another orgasm! This was insane! Cum was dripping out of me and you could hear it splash between us! It was so hot! And then it happened! He was about to orgasm too! We both had an orgasm at the same time! It was so fucking HOT! His juices exploded inside of me and I exploded all around him!

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