I saw Alyson on a dating site but never knew if her pictures were as good as the real thing. She was hot, but I couldn’t tell if she had horrid acne or had enhanced images. I figured whats the worst that could happen? I asked her out for a date, thankfully she said yes!

I rolled up to her house in my awesome ride. I was looking good in my dark denim jeans and white button down shirt. I walked up to the door and rang the bell. I could hear her unlocking the door, I braced myself for what I would see. When she peered out for a moment and saw it was me, I was blown away at her beautiful smile. She was even better then the pictures! Her hair was redder and looked so soft. I imagined how it would feel tickling me while she sucked my cock.

After a hug and shared awkward smiles, we headed for a classic mini putting date. I let her take the first shot, I let her think it was because I am a gentleman, only I did it to see her bent over her putter. She had a round full ass that begged to be fucked. I gripped the putter harder while I waited.

I noticed she wasn’t too good at the game, I wanted to make things interesting. I made a wager. I said whoever looses has to do a dare of the persons choosing. She grabbed my hand and said “We’re on!” It was a close game, I was sweating worrying she would beat me. Only I picked up my game and I quickly got ahead. Our last hole was in a cave, even if she got a hole-in-one I would still win.

Instead of making her putt, she turned to me and said “So what is the dare?” I didn’t hesitate, “I get to see that sexy ass of yours bare.” She turned and bent over and pulled her panties down. I was so fuckin hard for her! That ass needed to be fucked, and fucked hard. Alyson started to pull up her panties, only I stilled her actions. I said “The dare isn’t over yet babe. I wanna have my way with it now.” I wasn’t sure how she would respond.

Alyson bent down further and pulled her ass cheeks apart, she looked back at me with that gleaming smile and asked what I was waiting for. I took out my rock hard cock and rubbed the head over her asshole. I spit down her ass crack and massaged it into her little hole. I took her by the hips and pushed into her. The head broke through the tight muscle and pulled me inside all the way.

I held onto her body and pounded out her ass like a wild animal. She was moaning so loud but I didn’t give 2 shits who heard us. She rubbed her clit and begged me to cum soon. She was about to reach hers. As soon as she hit her’s I pulled out and put her on her knees. I told her she was gonna eat my cum cover cock like a good slut!

We’re already planning date #2!

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