My Father in-law Stole my Anal Virginity day after Thanksgiving

As most of you know from my recent blogs sexual sparks started between my father in-law and I about a month ago, and he has been fucking me every chance he gets since, as mentioned in my last blog he could not wait for my husband his son to get out the door on his way to get whip cream for his pumpkin pie, before he pushed me to my knees, and put his cock in my mouth. He has also become more vulgar, rough, and demanding during our sexual engagements.

He has been pushing me onto the bed calling me a slut and a whore. He even forcefully ripped one of my pair of panties off before throwing me face down on the bed and pounding me doggy style cumming deep in my pussy leaving me with a dripping cream pie. He pulled his pants up, zipped up and walked out the door without saying a word. In all honesty, he treats me like a filthy cheap two dollar whore, and not his daughter in-law.

As mentioned when I started here on PSK, I was looking to expand my sexual enlightenment, and possibly indulge in some of my fantasies. Most of your know of course my husband is a straight laced vanilla sex pastor. He even looks at me funny, when I suggest sucking his dick, and heaven forbid I scream “FUCK ME HARDER” during intercourse, because he comments “What kind of Devil” has gotten into you.

Most of my self sexual indulgence prior to PSK, was in all honesty online porn. What really intrigued me were the interracial clips where these petite white girls fucked these black guys with huge black cocks. These scenes really got my pussy wet. There was something mesmerizing about watch this huge black cock slide in and our of a tiny white pussy. It was hypnotic to watch a teenage white girl drop to her knees in front of a 9-10 inch black cock and start deep throating it.

It really got my pussy wet to the point of climax when this huge black guy would cum deep inside her tiny white pussy leaving a huge cream pie. Watching these scenes became a deep down fantasy of mine to be that white girl worshiping that BBC. I have not written about it her yet, but about two months ago, I started having sex with our delivery driver. As my husband is pastor of the church, we receive packages several times a week. Most of the time my husband is gone doing prayer requests, or helping other ministers with there church business.

One morning, I had just gotten out of the shower, and was wearing my robe, when there was a knock on the door and it was the package delivery guy. Now the delivery guy is named Charles, and he is a 6 foot 3 inch very muscular black gentleman in his late twenties. He was delivering a overnight envelope, and when he handed it to me it dropped on the floor, and I bent over to pick it up. I had to sign for it, and while signing, I noticed him looking at my chest….. To Be Continued.

Harlot Hanna