Mutual masturbation until my husband joins in

The best sex I have had in a long time, with my husband hehehe, was the other day on a mutual masturbation call.  It was hot and I was so turned on!  I had him stroking his cock while I talked dirty to him and rubbed my clit.  His moans were making me wetter by the second.  He told me how sexy I sounded as those little hums and groans escaped my mouth.  I was laying bent over my bed with my legs spread and my fingers working my pussy hard and fast.  Then before I knew it I was cumming all over my hand.  My caller was just about to blow his load when I let out a startled scream.

It was my husband who came home to surprise me with lunch.  He had been watching me finger myself and couldn’t resist any longer once he saw all my hot juices flow out.  He had to get some of that tight, wet, throbbing pussy.  He slid his rock hard dick into my cunt from behind and started pounding it.  I was now yelling and panting into the phone which turned my caller on even more.  I could hear his heavy breathing and moans in the phone as he pounded his cock as well as my husbands behind me as he pounded my pussy.  Then just when we couldn’t take it any longer we were all three exploding together in unison.  We were all so turned on by each other.  It was a great time all around.  My caller said he would be calling back very soon and he hopes he can catch hubby when he is home too.  My husband had so much fun he said he might have to help out during calls more often.  I am always up for a good orgasm so it is win win all the way around.

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