Have you ever tried mutual masturbation over the phone? If not, you are missing out! After a long day, I get to come home and have hot phone sex all night long! Mutual Masturbation Over The Phone allows me to cum with you as we climax over and over again. I will be honest, this and pantyhose foot worship make me dripping wet.

There are so many benefits to this process. Both parties are getting off and enjoying each other in an erotic sensual sex phone call. When I am doing a Mutual Masturbation Over The Phone call it is imperative to be intuitive to my partner’s needs. Does he want me to seduce him, or does he want to seduce me? Is he into oral or does he like the role-play of fucking me? Or maybe he wants me to give him jerk off instructions while he listens to me play with one of my many sex toys? Listening to him stroke it for Brittany makes my pussy so fucking wet! Mutual masturbation over the phone is one of the many amazing phone sex chat sessions I love!

Many factors play a part in Mutual Masturbation Over The Phone.

That could be why it is one of my favorite types of calls. Another reason could be the fact that I am being attended to as well. Honestly, I play with my sweet, juicy pussy every day. With mutual masturbation over the phone, I get to play with myself while listening to you jack off. Consequently, during this type of phonesex call, my partner gets to hear all of the kinky details. It is an intoxicatingly sexy phone sex session. Both of us discovering what each of us loves about masturbating and doing it together.

Most men call for guided masturbation. And don’t get me wrong I fucking love guided masturbation, but mutual masturbation over the phone is about both of us, and sharing that with you is fucking hot! You get to learn about my “special” spots and help me to make them zing! Baby, you can be my masturbation guy.

Together we explore and please ourselves.

We all learn to masturbate from an early age. As we grow older we perfect the technique. It is so much fun to share masturbating with a man on a call. I imagine his hand wrapping around his cock as he strokes and pumps it. He is probably imagining my hand on my pussy as I touch and tickle it.

Using our imaginations making the experience so much better. Therefore, allowing us to feel as if we are right there in the room together. Sitting in chairs across from each other or both on the couch, within inches of each other and not touching. That is definitely a big thrill of mutual masturbation.

Never actually touching each other, only ourselves.

Using our hands and other objects, if we really want to amp up the excitement. I start by touching my body. Caressing my arms, my stomach, and then cupping my breasts. Preferring to be dressed when we start so I can undress while seductively describing my actions. Getting so turned on as we progress.

Once my bra is off I love to play with my nipples. Squeezing and pinching them as they get erect. My hard nipples are so sensitive, I can cum from nipple stimulation alone. But, I’m saving myself for you. Running my hand down my stomach, getting near my pussy but not yet touching it. As my guy is doing a similar process touching his stomach. Then I love to run my hands along the inside of my thigh, it’s so sensitive and the touch from my fingertips sends chills through my body.

At this point in our mutual masturbation, my pussy is very wet!

Allowing my fingers to graze my pussy mound and then back to caressing the rest of my body. So erotic and intense as my body is getting closer to the climax. For the man, watching him get turned on if I’m lucky enough to watch him jerk off over video chat. Or knowing he is getting closer by listening to the heaviness in his breath, is fucking sexy! I imagine how nice it would be to wrap my hand around that big dick.

Together we continue to touch, caress, stroke, and tweak our sensitive points to get us to the edge of cumming. Once we are both fully there, we allow ourselves to explode with a massive orgasm. Both of us screaming out in pleasure as we cum at the same time. Absolutely amazing as we experience mutual masturbation over the phone together.

Curious about this experience?

If you have never experienced mutual masturbation, I encourage you to try it at least once with me. Every guy that plays with me once becomes addicted to the thrill that is me! I am fucking amazing and I will make sure you are beyond satiated. Your cock spilling every last drop of cum you have in your body, as we both share that moment.

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