Mutual Masturbation On Cam

There’s something I’ve discovered since I’ve been working as a PSO, and for some reason I never really realized how much it turns me on. It’s watching a guy jack off for me on camera.

I’ve always had a thing about watching guys I’d fuck jack off for me, like stand over me stroking their cock as I writhe naked with my legs spread eagle, begging them to fuck me, but now it’s a new turn on for me, watching someone I don’t know, a complete stranger, blow a huge creamy load for me.

I like seeing that cock when it’s limp, and through some hot mutual masturbation phone sex, grow to a huge throbbing boner, before exploding and making a huge, beautiful mess for me. I find it so arousing that I can’t help but slide my wet fingers in and out of my sopping pussy, and rub tight circles on my huge swollen clit. Hearing a guy say urgently that he’s about to cum is enough to push me over the edge, and I love it when we both have loud, messy orgasms at the same time.

Seeing that hot load eject as my pussy convulses makes me wish I could of felt those warm ribbons of spunk flowing over my mouth and face, splashing me on the tongue and cheeks and dripping down onto my pink nipples…but it seems such a waste! I hate seeing cum wasted! So I will always ask what a guy is going to do with all that beautiful jizz once he’s caught his breath. I can tell you one of my other new favorite things is when a guy says he’ll clean it up himself.

I love a guy who is not afraid to taste his own delicious baby gravy!

So I have definitely learned some new things from being a PSO, and I’d love to get you to try some new things too, so how are you going to clean up the mess you make for me? I would love to give you some cum eating instructions, just for my own pleasure…

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke