Mutual Masturbation During the Blizzard at the Dental Office!

Mutual masturbation can be on of the kinkiest things ever to be apart of! I had the craziest dream over the weekend as I was stuck inside due to all the ice on the roads. I woke up so hot and bothered I had to take care of it! Anyway, back to my super hot and kinky dream!

It was getting late on Friday when I was sitting in the dental office and noticed the snow starting to come down heavy. Most of the patients had canceled their appointments for that day, but I still stayed behind with the dentist just in case someone showed. The front office ladies had left earlier in order to get home safely before the snow really came down. The last patient was scheduled to come in at 6 pm. By the time it was past 6 pm, there was way too much snow on the road to leave.

I had a feeling this would happen. Not guided masturbation, but mutual masturbation.

I’d brought an air mattress and a couple changes of clothing, as well as some food. I got all that setup and hunkered down for a long weekend. I’d been lying in one of the back rooms when I started to play with my pussy. I’d been stressed and needed to blow off some steam. Then I started to rub harder and faster when I heard the door open. I knew he wanted to play as well. I moved the blanket off of me so that he could see my pussy as he walked in. He had an instant hard-on!

He slowly closed the door as he watched me very closely. I continued to rub faster, pushing myself closer to my orgasm. That’s when he pulled his amazing, big cock out! The kinkiest mutual masturbation session began to take place. He was stroking himself to the same rhythm I was rubbing my cunt. I kept my eyes right on his. Hearing him moan pushed me over the edge quickly. As my first orgasm took over my body, my eyes closed, I felt my bed shift.

His body weight was now on top of mine, pushing me into the mattress as he slipped his perfect cock right into my orgasming cunt. He began thrusting just as hard as I’d been fingering myself so that I’d continue to cum a few seconds longer. It didn’t take much time before he was stilling inside of me and filling me with his amazing, and delicious cum!

The rest of that weekend was filled with plenty more mutual masturbation PhoneSex sessions, and even some hot and steamy fucking! That man has the most amazing cock and damn does he know how to use it!

Are you up for some mutual guided masturbation?