Mutual Masturbation. Close Your Eyes and Pretend I’m Right There With You.

“Mutual Masturbation, babe? You think that will help?” You ask, sounding a little exasperated. I laugh quietly, thinking that you just don’t know what you’re in for.
“I promise it will! Just close your eyes. Tell me where you want me to touch you.” I’m ready to go but you still seem like you aren’t sold. “Baby, really, just give it a shot! I’m the one that you should trust on this. right? I miss you but for a little bit, it will be like I’m right there with you. Just let yourself go, ok? I’ll start us off.” I close my eyes and inhale. I picture in my head that you are right there with me, looking down at me in that way that you always do when your eyes get to carress my body at leisure.

” Touch me, lover. Run your fingers over my lips. Feel how soft they are. You want to kiss me but you won’t just yet. You move your hands down over my chin to my throat and you can feel the thundering of my heart there and you know that I’m getting just as turned on as you are.”

“Damn, I’m getting hard as hell doing this, are you wet for me baby?” You whisper, amazed.

“Well if you want to know if I’m wet, why not check yourself?” I said quietly as I slide my hand down my belly stopping at my hot pussy, dipping a finger in the wet hollow there.
“MMM baby you are really wet! While I’ve got my fingers working in your sweet slit, why don’t you grab my throbbing cock and stroke it.” Your voice is getting more and more husky and I know that you are really getting into the swing of things.
By the end, I have to stop myself from rolling over into your arms, slowly remembering that despite what my body tells me, you aren’t actually there.
Let’s pretend we are together with some detailed mutual masturbation. I’ll tell you exactly what I’m doing and you do the same. And even better. Ask me about some Totally Free Phone Sex!