Multiple Orgasms

I’ve never had an issue with achieving multiple orgasms before.  Probably because I mostly only accept big black cocks inside my pussy! But since I’ve been pregnant? It’s ridiculous the number of multiple orgasms I’ve been having! The best ones being by my newest cuckold’s talented tongue! He is summoned to my house nearly every night now, because I’m even MORE horny now that I’m pregnant! Almost every night I have hot sticky cum from one BBC or another (Davon or Jay), just waiting for an eager tongue to cum and lick it all out!

My pussy is SO sensitive now! I don’t know if he is just extra good at licking hot little BBC bred pussies. Or if it’s just me! But when he eagerly plunges his tongue DEEP inside my pussy and starts to lick out that big fat creampie.  I go crazy! It’s a real turn on to know that a guy loves eating someone else’s cum out of your pussy that much. Especially BBC cum. He loves the little bit of humiliation that comes from knowing he’s licking up the cum of a cock that is FAR superior to his; and that he will NEVER get to stick his tiny little baby dick inside this pristine pussy, let alone cum inside it! He literally SUCKS that cum right out of my pussy while he thinks about how my belly is swelling out, holding the offspring of the SUPERIOR breed!

Either way, his tongue gives me multiple orgasms every single night now.

I can’t get enough! Of course, the fact that I’m forced to take a big black cock deep inside my pregnant pussy is more than enough incentive to have a creampie waiting when it’s time for him to get off from work and go home! Added bonus – my cuckold is married. So it makes me even hotter knowing that a big black buck’s cum is swirling around in his mouth and being sucked down before he goes home and kisses his wife after a long day at work! … I wonder if she’s ever tasted BBC cum before? If not, NOW she has, even though she has no idea!

Phone Sex is a LOT more fun when it includes multiple orgasms! Wanna try it out?  We can even have a little cuckold phone sex, I’ll cum over and over for you while you jerk your dick. And maybe we’ll even keep on going once you cum, and try for Round 2! No reason I should get all the fun of having multiple orgasms, right? =)