Multiple Dripping Creampies: Teasing Daddy Gets Me Filled Up

A typical Saturday at my place consists of hanging out with friends. My friends and I love going to the mall, shopping and then spending the afternoon at a local cafe. Last Saturday though was different. With my grades being lower than usual my parents decided to ground me so I had to stay home. Can you believe that? Of course, I wasn’t going to let that day go to waste so after mom left I decided I was going to do something I’ve been dreaming about. But I never knew multiple dripping creampies would be endgame.

My brilliant idea was to tease Daddy until his balls were aching. I know for a fact Daddy wants to pound me, I mean, a girl can just tell. Once I heard mom was out the door that morning, I changed into my short little white dress and walked downstairs. You might be thinking, what does a short little white dress do? Well, mine was see-through and I was not wearing anything underneath it. Daddy was watching golf.

I didn’t say a word while I was sitting next to him

On commercial, my plan really took off. I started moving closer to Daddy, my short white dress riding up my smooth tan thighs. Then before golf came back on, I pulled down my dress and exposed my tits. Daddy’s mouth was completely wide open. I don’t think Daddy really believed what was going on. But that wasn’t the end of it. I climbed on top of Daddy and pulled the dress completely off. Now, I was naked, on his lap and Daddy was rock hard underneath me.

Daddy kept saying that we couldn’t do anything but I took his hand and made him touch my wet cunt. Daddy flipped me over and though I wanted foreplay, he was ready. He pulled out his big thick cock and shoved it deep in my bare hairless pussy. Though I wanted it, I didn’t know it would happen this fast. Before I knew it, Daddy was balls deep inside me and I was cumming all over his dick. Daddy wasn’t about to stop there, oh no. Feeling my cunt squeeze his cock as I orgasmed only made him harder. Daddy placed his big hands on my tits to stop them from moving. And he kept ramming me!

I still wonder if Daddy knew he was going to give me multiple dripping creampies.

Daddy then without a warning filled me up. I thought for sure he’d be done but that wasn’t the case. I could feel his still rock hard! Daddy looked straight into my eyes and his creamy thick load made my cunt even slicker. Then, Daddy decided it was time to turn me over the couch and fuck me from behind. He pulled my hair back and rammed his cock in me. his cum was now dripping down my thighs. My tits were swinging back and forth and as they barely touched the couch underneath me, I came.

Immediately after feeling my second orgasm, I felt a gush of seed shoot inside me.

Though it wasn’t my first time having sex, it was my first time someone gave me multiple dripping creampies. Daddy had not had enough yet. Daddy just couldn’t stop fucking me. Thinking back on his stamina, on his thick shaft stretching me out still makes me so wet. Daddy now leaned forward. He grabbed my tits and I could feel his chest on my back. Daddy was still balls deep inside me, glops of his seed were soaking onto the couch as he whispered just how much he wanted to fill me up one more time.

The final time Daddy came in my cunt I orgasmed as he did it. The couch was a complete mess now! More than half of his loads had stained it. Daddy then said we couldn’t do it again as I walked upstairs with a pussy full of his seed. Who knows what he might have told mom when she got home about the couch as I ended up falling asleep before she got there.

I never thought spending the Saturday grounded could be so much fun. So believe me when I say, this wasn’t going to be the last time Daddy gave me multiple dripping creampies.

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