Yes, this naughty teacher had their firm, muscular, tight asses red and burning from the kiss of my paddle.

At first, they took their blows, on their tight asses, stoically, not uttering a sound. I plan to change all that. You see, not only do I require them to write “I must not disobey Ms. Gwen ever again!” I also want to hear them say it. Well actually, I want to hear them squeal it. I want them to beg me, their naughty teacher, to stop paddling their tight asses. Only when their knees are shaking and my arm is aching do I give them a break.

“Finish up your lines you pathetic little boys. After you’re done there my floors need sweeping and mopping. You, Eric, will have the special pleasure of holding the dust pan. Stop! Take your hands off it right now. I didn’t tell you that you were going to be using your hands. Oh no, you’re going to hold this dust pan between your teeth, on all fours. Come here, Brian! You get to do the sweeping! Also with your mouth.”

“Awwww! What’s the matter, wittle boy?

Does having the broom handle between your teeth make you want to gag? Be careful! You’ll just have to clean that up too! Now, listen carefully, because I will NOT repeat myself. I want you to start in this corner and work your way towards the door. If you make noise I will add another detention on to your already steep list of punishments.”

“Do you see what happens when you test your sexy teacher, boys? Are you enjoying yourselves?” I lean down and pinch their tight asses, one boy at a time. I can see that they are miserable on the floor, with their pants tangled around their ankles doing my bidding….but I can also see that their fat cocks have both swelled up nicely and the sight of those hard, young dicks makes my pussy ache deep inside. My womb clenches and I can feel myself getting wetter and wetter.

The boys both see where my eyes have drifted and I’m sure they see the arousal burning behind my black, horn rimmed, sexy teacher glasses. “Keep working you two! Why are you slowing down?! I did not tell your tight asses to slow down at all. Now, do as your naughty teacher says!”
To Be Continued…

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