Growing up my father always worked odd jobs but they didn’t always pay the bills. My mother raised me and my other siblings with a can do attitude especially since her and my father had a few mouths to feed they didn’t always have money to afford the ‘materialistic comforts’ of life as she used to put it. During the summer months when I didn’t have school I would go with my dad to one of his landscaping jobs. The owner of the house was a older gentlement who was lonely and having seen a picture of me in the family photo my dad showed him he’d asked my father to bring me along next time.
At first my dad was really upset about it but then Mr.Willis offered a 2 grand bonus he said he just wanted the company of a pretty face and so my father agreed. So once a week we would go over there and I would sit with Mr.Willis and this went on for a bit, I would do light house work and sit with him we would have conversations. I learned he was 48 years old and that he was divorced and his wife had left him with the kids because he was always immersed in his work.
Mr.Willis would brush his hand against my bare legs sometimes and he started to let me use the pool, he loved to watch me run around in my bathing suit. But everything changed for us,  one of my older brothers broke his arm during a football game. The insurance company didn’t cover everything and my parents were stuck paying 30,000 dollars. My dad didn’t take me that day that he went to Mr.Willis’s and when he came home I remember hearing my parents fighting in the kitchen.
“Star” My father called me down and I went. My mother was pregnant and sitting at the kitchen table looking upset with my father. “Star I need you to do something for me.”
“Sure daddy, what is it?”
“Well tomorrow i’m going to take you over to Mr.Willis’s house and your going to spend the day. Now sweetie you’ve got to do everything he says no matter what and if your a good girl Mr.Willis will pay the rest of your brothers medical bill” My father explained.
I glanced over at my mother and she just gave a strained smile of encouragement. We were a free loving and happy family and so I nodded my head “Alright daddy” I told him. My father smiled and hugged me.
The next morning I showered and shaved my father having given me instructions to be completely smooth. My dad gave me a outfit to wear, it was a school girl outfit. The skirt was plaid, it had knee high stockings, and a really cute bottom up top. I thought it was weird that it even came with a bra and white thong but I didn’t even ask about it. I was instructed to braid my hair.
Off we went to Mr.Willis’s house and my dad dropped me off not saying a single word to me. Even though I was young I knew deep down I was being pimped out. I knew that Mr.Willis’s intentions would not be pure today. So when I entered the house I was great by Mr.Willis and led upstairs to his room.
“Star lay on the bed sweetie” He instructed and I did as I was told. “Bring your legs up a bit” he told me and once again I obeyed. I was nervous and tried not to show it. Mr.Willis leaned towards me and covered my eyes with a blind fold he then took my hands and tied them to the bed.
I sat there for a few minutes listening and taking deep breaths, I heard him unbuckle his pants and then unzip them. My heart hammering, then I felt the dip in the bed as his weight slid onto it. I tugged lightly at the restraints and found I was secured in. His hands running over my smooth legs I shuddered and shifted. Mr.Willis kept me still and slowly buried his face into my panties.
“Such a pretty tease you are Star…always wearing those short shorts that show off these legs. I know you do it to tease me don’t you?”
“N-No Mr…” I was cut off with a sharp slap to my thigh and I struggled.
“Don’t you?” He repeated.
He chuckled and then I felt his tongue licking at the crotch of my panties. I squirmed and struggled a bit feeling frightened and shy. Chewing on my bottom lip I tried not to fight him repeating the mantra over and over again that the money was needed. Mr.Willis continued to lick at the crotch of my panties, my body was feeling hot and bothered and I couldn’t help the little moan that escaped me……



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