My first mouth fetish…

My Dear Perverts, I guess I’m doing a fetish series! I’ve been playing with a lot more fetishes lately – more than ever before. You know what pervs? I love it! Now, don’t get me wrong – I love kinky vanilla sex. Vanilla is one of my favorite flavors! But everyone once in a while, I have to throw a flavor I’ve never had before on top. Why not? So let me ask you – have you ever considered a mouth fetish?


My new boy toy is a treasure box of fetishes.


But the one I’m particularly enjoying is his mouth fetish. Why do you ask? Because he pairs it with a giantess fetish. But he loves thinking about me shrinking him down and playing with him in my mouth, dangling him over my mouth so he can see where he’s about to go. Then eventually, I swallow him. He loves the sensation of being completely wrapped in my tongue and being sucked down my throat with my saliva. Does that not sound hot? There’s something very erotic about it.

I love being the big woman, dangling him over my mouth.

He has a serious mouth fetish, he loves my lips, my teeth, my tongue…all the way down into the inside of my mouth! It’s a really special fetish and I’ve been having a lot of fun discovering different ways I can swallow him. I even once put him in my boyfriend’s pee-hole. Then I sucked him out and swallowed him with my boyfriend’s cum load! He even lets me roll him in a stick of gum and chew him sometimes! So many fun little things I can do with my tiny man and his mouth fetish!


Your mouth fetish doesn’t have to be the same as his.

Maybe you love watching me eat candy or suck your cock. We can definitely still find a way to play! Just call me, your favorite phone sex goddess, whore, mommy…whatever gets you hard. We are going to have tons of fun!

Phone Sex Girls!