Incest Fantasy

Imagine a big guy with a rubber mallet in your chest and he’s banging on a big bass drum. That’s what my heart felt like the first time my step son touched me. I didn’t feel it with any of my boyfriends and I sure as hell didn’t feel it with my husband. Cole is 24, only a bit younger than me so he and I really seem to connect in a way his father and I never did. I guess he picked up on the fact that I found him very sexy on so many levels because one morning when I was sitting at the kitchen table drinking my coffee Cole came up and stood behind me. He kissed me on the neck and then reached into the top of my blouse and gently held my nipple between his fingers. He said “That’s the most beautiful thing I ever saw”, took his hand out and left without another word.

I was dumbfounded. It happened so fast and it was so surreal, I wondered if it really happened. It happened… my nipple still tingled from his touch and I did nothing to stop his advances. My head spinning I followed him into his room and before I could say anything he says “Mom, I’m not a kid and I’ve been out with a lot of girls. I know how a girl acts when she likes me. I hear the things you say and I see the way you look at me it’s more than a mother looking at her son. I know Dad’s screwing anything he can get his hands on and I give him hell for it. “Thank you baby but that doesn’t matter to me. It’s just a business arrangement between him and me.” He takes care of me financially and I get to do what I want too. “Well he’s a shit anyway but I’m telling you ma, I know how you feel and I feel the same way.”

He put his hands on my arms and it was electric. My entire body reacted to his touch and had me climbing the walls. Next thing I know Cole is kissing me with the lovers kiss I’ve been aching for. Cole is touching me and I’m alive. Everyplace his hands touch on me seems to come to life . Each breast is his as he fondles me. He lifts my dress and his hands are in my panties. When he gets between my legs I’m electrified. I’m filled with lust as he turns me and he enters me from behind. I’m filled with my son, my pussy is dripping and my legs are shaking.
“This is how I have you in my fantasy, mom.” As he pushes deeper up into my belly he tells me of the nights he’s spent and the things he’s done to me in this room. As he talks to me they become my fantasies too.

I can feel when he’s about to come and I want to come with him. I reach down to touch myself and as I feel his first spurts, it sends me over the edge. The cumming is so exquisite it almost hurts. As we’re coming down and he rests his body on mine I could feel the after shocks of his orgasm and mine. With his cock still buried in me and his cum oozing from my cunt, I kiss him with all my heart as his mother and his lover.

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