Mother with Son Taboo Sex Fantasy Conversations Are Rose’s Favorite

Did you and your mother enjoy “special” playtime together at a time when you were young and impressionable, those formative years? You loved every minute of it, didn’t you? You’re proud to say receiving all that love and attention made you who you are today. Now that you’re a man you long to go back in time to relive those moments. You were mommy’s special little fuck toy, her pet in mommy phone sex. Well, join me in a totally taboo sex fantasy conversation. Together we’ll satisfy those burning desires.

It’s confession time for my caller Kevin. We spend hours talking about his childhood. He told me he felt most content when he dressed in his mother’s clothes during his prepubescent years. His mother is somewhat on the sexually perverted side of kinky. A lover of incest, she would encourage him to dress in her panties, bra, and heels. Then prance about the house just to make him get excited and feel good. In fact, she enjoyed his sissy ways as much as he did. So one evening when he was over she introduced him to her son.

She dressed the boy in her sexiest lingerie, pretty pink panties, and bra. Then told him to wiggle his sweet little ass in front of her and her boyfriend. She would lay on her bed smoking pot and masturbating watching the show from afar. Her boyfriend used her son for his pleasure. Pumping his finger up the boy’s ass while he was dressed in a woman’s bra.

Mommy Knew Her Boyfriend Was a Pedo Lover and Had a “Thing” for Sissy Boys Too.

As time went on in our taboo sex fantasy her boyfriend bought him sexier little girl clothes to wear. Mommy taught him how to suck dick real good. Mommy fantasies showed him how to take it up her little girl pussy. Once her boyfriend’s needs were completely satisfied it was her turn to play. My caller’s mother called him to her bed for mother and son incest playtime quite often. With and without her boyfriend there. She taught him how to pleasure her. She would make him suckle her tits until her nipples were rock hard, red and swollen.

His reward for being a good little fuck toy was Mommy jerking his underage prick with Ponds cold cream until his little dick squirted. He looks back on his early years fondly, very content he is the way he is. Obsessed with pleasing men and worships women. All women, as they are far more superior to a sissy boy like himself. He knows his place in life, a weak sissy, only good for cock sucking. He will never be a man’s man. Able to please a woman. Making them cum using his dick.

While Mommy Dry Humped Her Pussy On His Leg Climaxing Multiple Times

So he’s spending the rest of his life dressing as a woman when he is home alone. Aspiring to look just like his mother, whom he worships and adores. He dreams that his most desirable sexual fantasy is him sharing his mother’s bed. Sucking her tits like he did so many years. Serving her men.

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