Juicy Nipples and guys go together because boys never get tired of sucking on tits, do they?

Juicy Nipples….aaaah…it doesn’t matter if they’re a newborn or 80 years old, they all love some Juicy Nipples in their mouth. Scott’s no different except he’s not at the point where he’s comfortable asking to suck on my nipples.  I think it’s because his titty obsession goes further than most men. I’ve found his secret file of porn on his computer and he has a thing for Mommies. I don’t like my boy being afraid to ask for what he needs so I decided to let him breastfeed at bedtime so he’d get a good night’s sleep.

     I was sitting up in bed playing on my phone when he slid in beside me and leaned over, kissing me. “Somebody’s in a good mood.” I told him and teased him by saying “I only play with good boys though and I know for a fact that you’re very naughty.” He laughed and started sliding down the top of my nightie, exposing my tits and Juicy Nipples. I put my phone down and pushed the nightie down to my waist then put my arm over him, gently nudging him down.

This was a bit different than how things normally go so I said: “Shh, let Mommy look after you.” He shifted so he was lying across my lap, his face right by my right breast while my left hand was in the perfect position to grab his hard, throbbing dick. I held my tits up to his mouth and rubbed my Juicy Nipples over his lips, teasing him until he opened up. His wet, hot mouth closed over it and his tongue felt rough as it licked over my nipple. I felt it start to get hard as I put my hand over his dick then started jerking him off.

I did it slowly as he sucked on me, his little lips bobbing up and down.

So I used my other hand to stroke his arm and hair, comforting him as we both enjoyed it. He put his hand just above my tit, holding me as he started breathing harder. I started jerking him off a little bit faster, my hand sliding over his shaft then sliding a thumb over his head.  His sucks lost their steady rhythm as he began pushing up and needing more of me. “You like that, sweetie?” I told him, pumping his dick as he groaned. “I like it too. Why don’t you cum for Mommy?”

I kept going, my hand not letting up as my boy got closer to the edge. His teeth scraped on my nipple as his dick swelled in my fist and I give him a few quick strokes. Cum shot out of him and strings of it landed on my fingers sliding down my knuckles as I held him tightly.

     He slid my nipple out of his mouth and I shivered as the air hit the spit covered bead. I slid my hand over his dick one last time, making him gasp as I went over his head and wiped my hand clean on the sheet. He pushed himself off my lap and seemed all embarrassed by what we’d just done. I pushed him onto his back and pulled the covers over him then brushed a strand of hair out of his face. “Goodnight sweetheart, Mommy loves you.” He blushed but smiled as I gave him a kiss then turned off the lights.

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