I Didn’t Know My Mother In Law Is Such A Kinky Slut – PART III

My mother in law quit licking my pussy, and screamed, “FUCK ME LIKE THE WHORE I AM, WITH YOUR BIG BLACK COCK”. Then, Johnson took his cock out of my mouth and stepped closer to my mother-in-law.  She just engulfed his entire cock into her mouth, and down her throat. Johnson held the back of her head like he was holding a basketball. That’s when he began fucking her mouth harder than Stick was fucking her pussy. My father-in-law was stroking his cock like a mad man. He was telling her how much of a nasty cum guzzling whore she was.

He laid on his back under her and began sucking her tits, while he jerked his dick. Johnson pulled his cock out of her mouth, and she screamed: “FUCK ME, ABUSE ME, I WANT YOU TO DEGRADE ME LIKE THE SLUT I AM”. She told Johnson to fuck her face and cum down her throat like he use to. Then what happened next totally blew my mind. Stick pulled out his cock, and my father-in-law put it in his mouth and started sucking his wife’s pussy juice off his dick. Then Stick laughed out “Johnson Look, it’s good old cuckold Carl” to the rescue doing his thing. After sucking his wife’s juices of that black cock Stick slammed it back into Jenny’s pussy.

Carl was still stroking his cock like a mad man. He stood up and walked around Johnson. Then, he positioned himself so he could put his dick in my mouth. Carl was watching my mother-in-law suck his cock, telling her she better swallow every drop. All while he slammed his cock balls deep down my throat. Next, he began pinching my nipples and fucking my mouth like a pussy.

My mother-in-law pull her mouth off Johnson’s cock, and screamed, “I AM SUCH A WHORE, FUCK ME LIKE A WHORE”.

Then Stick screamed, “I AM CUMMING”, and he shoved his cock deep inside her pussy. Then Johnson took his cock and held the back of her head while he pumped her throat full of his cum. My father-in-law then filled my mouth with his seed, and I swallowed every drop. Stick pulled his cock out and sat on the edge of my husband’s desk exhausted. My father-in-law then got on his knees behind his wife and sucked every drop of Stick’s cream pie out of her pussy, and my mother-in-law sucked my pussy while he did. Then what blew my mind the most, I look over towards the door, and my husband was standing totally nude in the doorway stroking his cock.

My mother-in-law looked over at him and smiled. He walked towards her, and she said cum in my mouth son, I need your cum. He then buried his cock down his mother’s throat and shot the biggest load, I have ever seen him shoot while he held the back of her head and told her how much of a nasty slut she was. She was even a bigger slut than his wife, who he has been secretly taping the past six months. He said I knew Hanna would fall for our plan. Seems like my husband lied about having to go to conference, and this whole family orgy was a plan.

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