Daddy has a whole new game he likes to play with me and mommy gets to be involved. I’m mommy and daddy’s submissive cum slut and mommy gets to punish me and force me to do things to daddy. The new game is called mother may I? I dressed up in my cute little purple and yellow tank top and matching panties. I went to mommy and daddy’s room as I was told. Mommy and daddy where laying on the bed waiting for me. I saw daddy wearing nothing he was completely naked sitting on the bed. Mommy was in her satin white robe nothing underneath. Mommy has to be the dominant one so she commands me on my knees between daddy’s legs. “Yes Mother.” and I do as I’m told.

Once on my knees she has me lean forward so that my ass is out and about for her disposal. “ oh Jim doesn’t Kelsey have an ass that makes your cock hard.” Mommy and daddy have always loved my ass. They continue talking about how nice my ass is and mommy describes how tight it looks and bubbly. Mommy then makes me suck daddy’s cock she makes me slide the head of his cock into my mouth and lick and suck his tip. I hear her fiddling with daddy’s belt behind me but I know better than to turn around so I shove daddy’s cock further down my throat and grab the edge of the bed and squeeze and prepare. Mommy says I have to count each slap she gives me from the belt and to count it right.

She strikes the belt against my ass and wI slide daddy‘s cock out of my mouth and say, “ One, Mother May I have another?” daddy’s cock starts throb in my hand. She strikes again “ two, Mother May I have another?” she keeps going until my ass is red. She then lifts me off my knees and to my feet and slides down my panties and makes me sit right on daddy’s cock. As I slide my pussy down on daddy’s cock I hear a buzzing noise behind me mommy has her new dildo and she slides it right into my mouth and makes me suck it and get it wet while I ride daddy. Where do you think mommy put the her new toy? Daddy daughter fantasies? Maybe you’d like to watch me and mommy together.

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Kinky Kelsey