My son-in-law is fantastic to my daughter. For her birthday, he had me collaborate with him on a huge party for her. She is lightweight and passed out early. Needless to say, mother-in-law subbing was needed.

You may be wondering what is that? Moreover, if you know me, you are thinking, what a naughty slut I am. If you are asking the first question, it means I am stepping in for my daughter with my son-in-law.

And, I am not talking about the clean-up after the party. Let me explain how it happens. After Jenn is out for the night and the guest are heading out, I am getting ready for bed.

At this point, mother-in-law subbing isn’t even a thought in my head.

Honestly, I don’t even realize Jenn is out yet. Once I have my nighty on, I want something to drink and head to the kitchen from the guest bedroom. To get there, I have to walk through the living room.

As I am walking through, my son-in-law, Jake, is sitting on the couch in his boxers watching the giant screen tv. No big deal until I realize he is watching porn.

Oh, shit. Yep, the mother-in-law subbing moment is coming soon. I am fumbling all over my words and embarrassed for walking in on him. However, he isn’t feeling bad that I am here.

In fact, he is explaining that Jenn is out and he needs the porn.

Not only that, he is inviting me to sit down and watch it with him. At first, I am telling him no. He says, “Let me show you something and then you decide whether or not to stay.”

He stands up and pulls down his boxers to show me his huge eight-inch dick. At this point, I explain I do not want to upset my daughter. And, he is saying it will be between us.

No mother-in-law subbing just yet. I agree to sit and hang out but don’t guarantee to have any hanky panky with him. As we are watching this hot porn, I am starting to get turned on.

And, yes, I start sliding closer on the couch to him for some mother-in-law subbing.

My hand finds its way to his crotch and I start squeezing that hard rod through the material. He is moaning and saying how good it feels. His hands are roaming into my nighty.

He is whispering that he is quite skilled orally and has always wanted to taste my pussy. I say okay and lay back on the couch. He slides off my panties and gets in between my legs.

Honestly, I am thinking mother-in-law subbing is fucking amazing. Jake is one hell of a hot lover. My pussy is on fire as he is bringing me to my first climax. Once I have cum, I want his dick inside my cunt!

However, my naughty son-in-law has another request for me.

It turns out my daughter can’t handle that monster cock anally. Well, I sure as hell can. He sits down and I squat over that big rod and let him spread my ass cheeks with his hands.

It takes some time but he slowly gets inside my ass. We get a smooth flow going and Jake gets to blow his load deep into his mother-in-subbing for the wifey.

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