Mother In Law Sex Stories: One Night On The Town Changed Everything

Mother in law sex stories; something I never thought I’d be sharing intimate details about. Always having that awkward relationship and never quite knowing how to approach any situation with the mother in law; always made things a little uncomfortable. But because of that, it was easy to decide a night out on the town together was a perfect idea. A little let loose time showed my mother in law’s true colors.

In fact, now I think of my mother in law as another naughty girlfriend who’s always looking for an adventure. A whole new world was awakened when I took her out to the bar that night. The theme that night was adult sex stories. And oddly enough she volunteered to share her story first. Being the oldest one in the room several of the young college students whispered and smiled as she made her way to the stage.

The kinky story started with tales of my mother in law fucking guys from the college baseball team and how she let the coaches watch while she did it. A little shocked but turned on, I crossed my legs and listened intently to the story being told. But before I knew it, she was stepping off the stage and getting up on a table between five college boys and stripping down. My jaw dropped and I thought to myself this is going to be one fun and naughty night.

Getting up from my table I walked over to the table she was standing on. The young college boys rooting her on was so erotic I couldn’t help myself but to get up there with her! Yep, the night was going to be one to remember!

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