Cuckold Sex Stories

Cuckold sex stories, do you hunger for them? Roxy’s cuckold sex stories will drive you crazy and wanting more hot phone sex. Roxy know’s you like to watch and get turned on by other cocks fucking this pussy that can never be yours!  But there is always a creamy treat for that mouth of yours in the end. But let’s get real, even letting you clean this pussy is more for my pleasure than yours darling.

Last night was so hot, wasn’t it! Telling you I had a few big surprises for you got you curious, but you never thought I’d have three luscious cocks to entertain my wet pink box. Do you know what one of my favorite things was to do though? Making you take off your clothes and tease you about how hard you were watching your girlfriend getting railed by all those fat cocks. Because it’s true, you get turned on by knowing some other guy is fucking me.

Getting that up close view is always priceless.

The sound of cocks invading my cunt is so sweet. Those dicks so deep inside, your face close and getting splattered by pre cum and Roxy’s juices is hot. Lick those lips babe, but don’t worry there will be more.  Loving that feeling of every hole stretched and filled is just what Roxy needs.

Being fucked on your side of the bed is always a must. That way when you lay down, those big wet spots will be a perfect reminder of what you are. A cuckold! When you talk in your sleep saying, ‘please fuck my girlfriend, you do a much better job than I could ever do’, I have to smile. Our arrangement works perfectly! Once a cuckold, always a cuckold.

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