Mother in law sex stories, Brutally dominating my in-laws!

Mother in law sex stories, Brutally dominating my in-laws! I have always Imagined that if I finally did tie the knot I would never get along with my in-laws. From my experiences of watching my friends who are married and observing them with their in-laws. I have noticed that the wives always try to please their in-laws and this is a story that will describe to you exactly how I feel about that. If you are into extreme humiliation phone sex you will love this!

It’s late at night and my husband and I were fighting and it got so bad that the following morning I went over to my in-law’s house. When I arrived the only one home was my mother-in-law. As she gave her fake smiles I told her what her son had done. Giving me a smug sourpuss smile, she began to praise how amazing he is and that I don’t deserve him. That was it I have had enough of her shit and her fake ass approval! After she had insulted me for about 10 min straight I snapped and punched her hard in the face knocking her out cold instantly.

While she was passed out I stripped her naked and tied her up on her daybed in their bedroom. I tied her hands above her head and her feet so that she was spread eagle. I have to say I have never seen droopier pussy lips in my life. While I waited for her to regain consciousness I heard a car pull up outside. It was my father in law.  So I quickly hid in the closet and waited for him to find his naked unconscious wife.

Mother in law sex stories, she never had a choice!

My Father in law sprints in the room in a panic not noticing me hiding in the corner of the room. While he is trying to get her to talk to him I sneak up on him. I take the lamp on the table next to me and bash him over the head making him fall to the ground. He was dazed but not unconscious so I hit him again hearing the porcelain of the lamp cracking against his skull. While he was passed out I only stripped him from the waist down and tied him to the bed. Slowly my mother in law regained consciousness and took in her surroundings, startled to find herself naked.

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