Mother In Law Sex Stories: He was so hard, I just had to see what he was working with

Mother In Law Sex Stories: I can be very bad. Sometimes It’s so hard not to be. I have the hottest son-in-law around. Yeah, he’s young! So what? Married too, lol.

He was here visiting the other night. Alone. I couldn’t help but notice his hard-on while he was staring at my ass. Just how might seduce my very sexy son-in-law? I love Hot Public Sex Stories, would we make one together?

He walked into the kitchen behind me, ostensibly to help me get drinks. I took two glasses from the cupboard, and as I lowered myself back to the floor, he grabbed me by the waist. I turned in his arms and stared into his eyes. He looked all flustered and embarrassed. I began to smile, a slow, seductive grin. I said “Don’t worry, relax. Just relax…” and as my words trailed off I kissed him. I put my tongue into his mouth and he began to suck on it. He was so hard, I just had to see what he was working with. I grabbed the top of his jeans and I pulled so hard they zipped right down. I pushed the waistband down his thighs and pulled his boxers down at the same time. My hand was curled around the biggest, most juicy young cock I’d seen in quite some time.

What do you think I did next? Do you suppose I sucked his cock dry? Maybe you think I just gave him a really nice hand job, in order not to commit too vile a sin. If you want to hear the rest of what happened that night, you’ll need to call me.

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