Let’s Take Care of That Morning Wood With Some Sleepy Morning Sex!

Who’s doesn’t like morning sex? I know I do! It’s the best way to get my day started! Even better than coffee! Rolling over and feeling each other’s bodies moving against each other; I mean really, what could be better?
This morning started off just that way for me. I was barely awake when I felt hands running down my back. Tracing my spine, he moved from the back of my neck down to the small of my back and lower to cup my ass and slip under me to sink his fingers into the wet warmth waiting there.
“MMM” I moaned and lifted my hips to give him better access while still half asleep, wondering if this was a delicious dream or hot reality. “Oh, fuck don’t stop” I murmured while I moved my pelvis in time with his hand.

When I had been taken to my first bursting climax, I rolled over straight into his arms.

While I licked, kissed, sucked and bit his neck, shoulders and ears I started working his morning wood with my hand, rewarding by his soft growl into my ear. I smiled up at him and pushed him on his back, working my way down his body to slip that hard, throbbing cock into my mouth. I spent a good bit there, thoroughly enjoying his hands in my hair as I worked my mouth magic on his dick before curling up next to him, my back to his chest and feeling that same fuck stick slide into my hungry slit.
We rocked together, pulling him in and out of me, slow at first, then faster and faster until we both were sweaty and limp from the force of our orgasms. I turned to look him in the eye and whispered “Well good morning to you too!”
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