Taking Advantage of his Morning wood

Is that Morning Wood pressing against my ass? Guess this girl had too many drinks last night. I woke lying next to this throbbing hard cock throbbing right up against my ass. I was so drunk I don’t even remember even we have already fucked or not but I though just in case I better because that cock looks to good to turn down. He’s sleeping I nudge him a few time he kind of rolls over on to his back. Sounds like an invitation right? That’s what I took it as. I ran my hands inside his boxers, yeah his morning wood needs some attention. I am amazed he’s still sound asleep, or maybe he had to many drinks too. His cock throbbing against my palm as I stroke his shaft up and down. I love jerking off men but his big cock is teasing me.

I get between his legs, thinking my mouth will get his attention and he’ll wake up. I’m pretty magical when it comes to cock sucking. His morning wood is throbbing between my lips, I can practically see his veins pulsing. He’s still asleep. I suck his cock head and stroke his shaft, my tongue massages against his cock, still nothing I’m completely lost for words but maybe he’s just pretending he’s asleep.

Sleep sex is a real thing so why stop his cock is hard might as well take advantage of his throbbing morning wood. The only way to get his attention now is to sit on that cock. I straddle him and push his cock head inside me, yep that did the trick! He grabs my hips and thrust deep inside me. I ride him hard and fast, completely enjoying every inch of him inside me. He rolls me over, taking control back into his hands. He takes his cock out of me, I can see my juices dripping off of it, He slides his wet cock right inside my ass. I love rough ass fucking!

My juices made it so easy for his cock to slide right into my ass. He slams it inside me deeper and deeper going harder and harder. Just as he is about to blow he takes that cock out of me sprays my face until its completely covered. Yeah Its going to be a good morning for me, but it can be for you too. Lets take advantage of your hard throbbing morning wood. Get the attention you deserve. The best way to start your day is releasing that sexual tension you’ve built up. Cum find me for all your adult phone chat fantasies. 

Morning wood Kinky Kelsey