I Will Drain You Ever Morning With These Sex Stories

You may think that because I’m just a teen my sex stories aren’t the best, but you are mistaken! In fact, I’ve got so many that you’ll love. This one is something I’ve always been asked to explain. Why am I the self-proclaimed morning wood specialist? Well, it all started where it always does, at home. You see my Daddy made me addicted to morning sex and cum for breakfast, do you want to know how?

It was one summer morning, really really early in the morning. Mommy would be out of the house around 4 am for work and Daddy and I had the whole house to ourselves. The first time I happened to be up early as well and couldn’t go back to sleep. Naturally, I went into Daddy’s room and got under the covers with him but I found something I had not seen before. Daddy was rock hard and though I had fantasized about it, I didn’t know what to do with his big fat cock. It didn’t take me long to learn though. Daddy woke up with my little hands wrapped around his shaft. I guess he had been wanting me too because before I knew I had a mouth full of his dick.

I felt Daddy’s cock hit the back of my throat and it turned me on.

It turned me on so much my panties were soaking wet. I had to have Daddy inside me and when I begged for his meat stick inside my tight hole he gave me to me and he gave it to me good. Daddy bent me over and fucked me hard. His thick cock stretched out my young pussy and I loved every second of it. Then, like a good little slut, I swallowed his load, every last drop of it.

Now, every morning I am craving something big and hard! Cum play with the morning wood specialist, just like Daddy did with me every day after that!

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