You can just call me the morning wood madame now, guys!

Perhaps you got my email announcing these exciting new hours or it’s your first time reading one of my blog posts. Well if you find yourself cruising the Phone Sex Kingdom between 7 AM and 1 PM on Tuesday thru Saturday – try hitting me, the morning wood madame, up!

My fetish phone sex expertise is fairly vast.

I aim to tease, please and keep you on your knees- begging for more. You might even become addicted. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! However this fun and kinky time isn’t limited to my business boys – maybe you’ve been up since yesterday enjoying endless orgasms tonight? I have one thing to say about that and it’s hell yeah, let’s fucking party! Seven in the morning eastern is 4 AM for my playmates on the west coast. 

Are you looking for a raunchy party girl to hang out with? 

Oh, babe- I have stories that will blow your mind. Everything from taking tons of molly and playing with my other gal pals to hanging out at the trap house to get dicked down by the squad. My timid and sweet appearance is hiding a shocking devious and naughty personality. Blondes really do have the most fun because we always get away with it. 

Just a few weeks ago I got a wild hair up my ass. I was craving pussy like nobody’s business and doing party favors by myself just wasn’t making the cut. Obviously I went down the phone tree and started inviting a few other sexy ladies over to play. One thing leads to another eventually when you’re hosting that type of event. Trust me- it wasn’t your mother’s Tupperware party! Me and my friends were a true mess after that. You know what to do if you’d like to hear more..

The morning wood madame doesn’t stop at girl on girl.

You probably should be put in your place first thing for the day. I know that cock cage I’ve had you in for a week is probably aching. Oh, where, oh where did I put the key though? Let me unzip the eyeholes on your sweet latex gimp mask so that you may assist your sunrise Master. 

Didn’t find it yet? Oh no- you know that means I will punish you. It was your duty to keep everything all together. I truly pray that asshole is still stretched out from our last session, otherwise some damage will probably be done. Not that you’re going to complain to Daddy Dylan, right? Good boy. Now- ass up for Daddy’s cock so it can slide right into her favorite pet. 

Oh damn- look at the time, sweetheart. 

This morning wood madame will be awaiting your call first thing tomorrow. My pussy is wet, mind is dirty and I am looking so forward to fulfilling all of your fantasies. Into something that I haven’t talked about yet? Don’t be shy with me about fetish phone sex – send me an email or a message on skype. Can’t wait to play with you. <3 



Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke