When I drink I always get a little crazy, sometimes perhaps too crazy for my own good. I woke up this morning to find myself not at my place, my alarm on my phone noisily going off and worsening the already pounding headache in my skull. Shifting up I immediately felt the weight of the arm wrapped around me and carefully maneuvered myself free know I’d had another amazing one night stand, judging by the condom wrappers on the nightstand in front of me I’d been a busy little nympho.

Turning my alarm off I prepared to take my usual photo of my one night stand to ad to my list of conquests and share the photo of the hottie with my friends so they could ogle and envy my wild child antics. When I saw him I nearly ran out of the bed because it was my FRIENDS BOYFRIEND!! The memories were hazy but I recalled the shots we took together, the fact that I’d hit on him after he offered to drive me home. We ended up at his place fucking all over his apartment!

Carefully getting up I nearly groaned, Lisa hadn’t been kidding about his cock being so big, it left me soar and wanting him to fuck me again but I knew I needed to get out of there before Lisa came over to see him. Going into the bathroom I could see my make-up smeared in the mirror and decided to take a fast shower, there was no way I was leaving his place looking like a train wreck just in case someone saw me. Hoping into the shower i’ve never been shy about using other peoples shampoo and such but I did this time because I recognized Lisa’s shampoo,conditioner, and body wash but I used it.

I guess Tom heard me get up because soon he was in the bathroom and in the shower with me. The hot water helped with my hangover while Tom helped himself to my body all over again. Nipping,touching, kissing, and nipping at me. I just couldn’t resist him, knowing Lisa could walk in on us just made it all the hotter. Pressing me into the shower he shoved his massive hard cock into my pussy and pounded away at me, usually I try not to be so load but it’s was so fucking good that I couldn’t help it. He muffled my cries with his hand.

By the time Tom shot his load all over my backside I’d cum 3 times! I couldn’t believe it and despite it all, him knowing who I was he still asked me if I’d be willing to keep doing it! I should have said no but I said yes…I couldn’t resist that cock.


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