I woke up in the best way imaginable this morning. If any of you guys are into eating pussy and making girls squirt, then this is a sure fire way to get any girl wrapped around your little finger (or cock!).

I was having a really nice dream about being in cafe drinking coffee, the Barista came over to refresh my cup and held my eye with a long wanting stare and as he poured my cup he put his hand under the table and up my skirt, pushing my legs apart and forcing his fingers to my pussy. I opened my legs and let him slowly stroke the slit of my cunt from clit to my taint, and I tried to spread my legs as far apart as I could so he could get better access to my wet holes.

He spilled the coffee and banged the pot down, then dropped to his knees and went headfirst under the table, immediately burying his face into my soaking snatch, hungrily sucking on my clit and running his tongue roughly up and down the length of my by now dripping pussy. I threw my head back and a loud moan escaped my lips, it felt so fucking good and my whole body was tingling.

I felt so relaxed and turned on in the dream, and as I felt the Barista’s finger slide inside me, I felt myself slowly starting to break through layers of sleep towards consciousness, and realized There was a mouth between my legs, and a finger in my pussy! I looked down and saw a pair of sexy brown eyes looking up at my through my neatly trimmed bush. I arched my back as I realized it was my fiance, and felt his beard scratching against my inner thigh. I really let myself go and reached down and pushed his head further into my soaking cunt and whispered “more fingers, please?” He slipped a second finger inside me quickly followed by a third. By this time I was screaming the place down and bucking my hips into his face, begging him to make me cum. He performed the ‘Come Hither’ technique on me, quickly bringing me to a shuddering squirting orgasm, and as I squirted He pulled his head back and caught all of my cum in his mouth, waiting open mouthed there until the last drop squirted out and then he sucked hungrily on my pussy hole, sucking all of my salty cunt juice out of me and swallowing it.

After I recovered I was his cock slave for the whole day, waiting on him hand and foot and sucking his cock and trying to fuck him every opportunity I got. I let him do WHATEVER he wanted after he gave me the best wake up call ever. If you want to do something that will make your lady, or even the whore you met at the bar last night to become your slave and literally want to do anything in the hope of you doing it again, this my friend’s, is it.


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