Morning Sex, Wake Me Up With Your Tongue!

It seriously is the best time of day! The sun has just risen and is peeking though the shades. I’m rustling in the sheets slightly stretching. My eyes are still closed tight. I don’t even have to open them because I can feel your warmth right next to me. I love morning sex!

I’m nuzzled into you and I always feel your arms wrap around me and massage me awake. I’m barely coherent but the way my body responds to yours I want you…no…I need you to keep going! After at least 8 hours of rest this is the only way I want to wake up. That wet dream I have of you is about to be discovered and nothing makes me throb like morning sex.

I peek my eyes open and see your head traveling down under the sheets kissing and nibbling my barely clothes body. You know I don’t like to wear much to bed! Once I feel your hand go in between my legs to separate them I’m wide awake ready to take you in. I love the way you pull my panties to the side and wet my little slit with your tongue. Such a tease for a long tongue, you just want that first taste and your cock needs to be inside me. Your lips travel up my body, fuck you’re gorgeous when you’re shirtless in just boxers.

Holding my legs open feeling your tongue creep farther and farther up my silky shorts and top.

I don’t need those right now. Let me just fling them off still on my back. Never missing a beat of your tongue discovering my body like it’s the first time. The sun is creeping up into the sky higher and brighter now. I love the way the room is lit this time of day. I taste my pussy on your tongue feeling all your body heat press into me as I take your tongue and clean it with my own. I am so ready to play just the tip with you, will you tease me today or give it to me all the way?! I feel you slide your boxers just low enough for your cock to pop out and I feel it rubbing into my clit. Moaning into your mouth, you know I fucking love this. But you know my pussy is begging to be wrapped around it.

You hold so still as I try to make your cock slip into me but you only hold out for the tip. Fuck you know exactly how to make me drip in the deepest anticipation for you. You lean down and give me a wet, hot, tongue filled kiss. “You get the rest on the kitchen table when we make breakfast.” I can’t wait!

If you can’t have morning sex why not at least have morning Phone Sex?