My Creamy Panties Make Daddy Hard

Creamy panties are the best thing to wake up to, especially after a wild night. I haven’t been able to go out for awhile, but that doesn’t mean the fun doesn’t come to me. My boyfriend has been sneaking into my room. It’s even hotter when he does it since there’s people in my house. Every night he creams inside me. The best feeling ever is waking up still creamy from his load. Obviously Daddy doesn’t know it’s his cum. I guess he just thinking I wake up really wet.

It was like any other Sunday. I woke up kind of late and went straight to get some water. I turned on the tv and started watching a morning show and when Daddy came out, he got a straight peak of my creamy panties. He couldn’t help but stare and I kind of loved it. He kept walking back and forth. Staring even harder than the previous time. I ended up going back to my room.

I was back in bed when my door was opened and quickly shut again. It was Daddy. Before anyone else would wake up he want it to be inside this creamy pussy. He didn’t say much, just that he really want it to feel me. I want it him too. I will always want Daddy. He bent over the bed, pulled down my panties and pushed his hard dick in me. No role play, no nothing. Believe me, this pussy didn’t needed thank to my boyfriend’s cum.

Daddy fucked me hard. I felt his cock slide in easy and it felt amazing. I am not going to lie, he made me cum harder than my boyfriend. He was even surprised at how my tight pussy became even tighter when I creamed on his dick. I took his cum in mouth, and Daddy will never know that just the night before my boyfriend creamed my cunt.


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